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Space Saver Cup


This stainless steel cup is designed to fit over the end of a 32 oz. Nalgene bottle. Made from high quality 18/8 stainless steel, the wire handles fold flat to save space and extend enough to use the cup for cooking. This cup also works as a measuring cup as it has easy to read graduations on the side in 4 oz. to 16 oz. markings in 2 oz. increments. Weighs 5.5 oz. (Bottle Not Included).

22002 - Stainless Space Saver Cup - $8.95

Alpine Mug


We offer both the 16 oz. and 24 oz. Stainless GSI Bottle Cup! Both are designed to fit over the end of a 32 oz. Nalgene bottle. The folding handles are long enough to use the mug for cooking and fold flat against the side for packing. These are very solid mugs! (Bottles Not Included).

Stainless GSI Bottle Cup - 16 oz. & 24 oz.

Titanium Cup Lid



This is a great lightweight Titanium Cup Lid that fits both of the Stainless GSI Bottle Cups, and the Pathfinder Stainless Steel Nesting Cup (It Does Not fit the Stainless Space Saver Cup). It has a lifting tab that locks in the upright position and has three drain holes. It measures 3-7/8" diameter and weighs 0.5 oz (Cup not included).

22033 - Titanium Cup Lid - $7.75


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Front View

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Butterfly Handles

Alt Text 2

Shown with Nalgene Tritan Oasis

The Rothco Stainless Steel Canteen Cup is engineered using a food grade, heavy gauge, stainless steel. The butterfly handles help keep the handles cool and prevents burns. It fits under most G.I. style canteens including the Nalgene Tritan Oasis. Storing the cup under your canteen helps save space in your pack, yet provides you with a cup or a pot to heat water, make coffee, or cook.  The Rothco Stainless Steel Canteen Cup Lid is available below. It should be noted that the new CanteenShop/Pathfinder Canteen Nesting Stove fits over this canteen cup, but the cup does not fit all the way to the bottom of the "Original" CanteenShop GrillTop Stove Stand . (Note: Nalgene Tritan Oasis in above photo not included).  Weight: 7.9 oz.

22008 - Rothco Stainless Steel Canteen Cup - $8.95

Rothco Canteen Cup Lid


The Rothco Stainless Steel Canteen Cup Lid was designed specifically to fit the Rothco Stainless Steel Canteen Cup (above). It snaps on tightly and holds very well. The lift tab lays flat when not in use and stands by itself when in the up position. This lid also fits the Pathfinder Canteen Cup. Note: This lid will NOT fit on standard Issue Butterfly Handled Canteen Cups, or the older stainless issue with the handle that folds under the cup. This lid fits tightly onto canteen cups, so if you are going to boil water, do not snap it in place as it could allow pressure to build up which might lead to the cover blowing off and possible injury! Weigh: 2.1 oz.

22009 - Rothco Stainless Steel Canteen Cup Lid - $4.95

Stainless Cup Lid


The Pathfinder Stainless Steel Cup Lid is offered as a replacement for the GEN-3 Pathfinder Stainless Steel Nesting Cup, or as a lid for the Stainless GSI Bottle Cup (Note: This lid does NOT fit on the Stainless Space Saver Cup #22002 above). It should be noted that when used on the GSI Bottle Cup the slots for the bottle hanger cannot be used unless you drill holes in the cup to accommodate the hanger. It features 304 Stainless Steel, Strainer Holes, Cut outs to use in conjunction with the Bottle Hanger, Fits: The GEN3 Pathfinder 25oz Cup, and the GSI Bottle Cup (above). More more photos CLICK HERE.

22204 - Pathfinder Stainless Steel Cup Lid - $7.95  


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The Pathfinder Stainless Steel Cup lid fits all military type canteen cups, as well as the Pathfinder canteen cup. It is made from 304 stainless steel, has three straining holes on one end, and a "D" ring that will stand up by itself. This is a great addition for any type military canteen cup you carry.

22206 - Pathfinder Stainless Steel Canteen Cup Lid - $5.95

With Bail Handle & Lid

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Note: After many recommendations, the bail has been rotated 90 degrees so that it does not swivel from the side of the pot where you drink or pour from!

This is a great little titanium Pot or cup that fits over all Nalgene 32 oz. size bottles. The inside has graduation marks for 8-12-16 oz. and 2-3-4-5 hundred ml. It has an attached bail for hanging and wing handles. The lid has a lift tab that can be locked in the up position by sliding it sideways. It measures 4-3/8" high x 3-3/4" in diameter. It has a capacity of 25.5 oz. (750 ml) and weighs only 3.5 oz. It comes with an orange mesh storage sack.

22003 - Toaks Titanium 750 Pot with Bail - $39.95

Vargo Travel Mug


The Titanium Travel Mug is smaller than the "Ti-Lite" mug below and is an ideal addition to you kit as a coffee mug. It features a folding handle, a 450 ml capacity, and weighs only 2.2 oz. It measures 3.5" tall x 3-1/4" ID x 3-3/8" OD. For the weight and size, you can carry one in any pack.

22011 - Vargo Titanium Travel Mug - $26.95

Vargo Ti-Lite 750


The "Ti-Lite 750" titanium mug offers innovative versatility for ultra-lightweight cooking. Perfectly fits a 32 oz. Wide Mouth Nalgene bottle inside, it is compact enough to enjoy an early morning cup of coffee or tea, yet large enough to cook single meals. Made of the highest grade of titanium available, the mug is incredibly strong and durable. Features a blasted exterior for a more rustic look and feel, with a polished interior for easy cleaning. Holes in the lid allow for straining water/food easily. Lid knob makes for checking food safe and easy. Wt. 4.8 oz. Capacity: 750ml.

22012 - Vargo Titanium "Ti-Lite 750" Mug - $54.95

Vargo Ti-Lite 900


The "Ti-Lite 900" titanium mug offers innovative versatility for ultra-lightweight cooking. Larger than the "Ti-Lite 750", it actually makes a better pot than a mug. Made of the highest grade of titanium available, the mug is incredibly strong and durable. Features a blasted exterior and interior for a more rustic look and feel. Holes in the lid allow for straining water/food easily. Lid knob makes for checking food safe and easy. Wt. 4.6 oz. Capacity: 900ml.

22010 - Vargo Titanium "Ti-Lit 900" Mug - $64.95

Vargo BOT


Stop carrying a water bottle AND cooking pot - the BOT is made to replace both! Half water bottle, half cooking pot, it performs both functions exceptionally well while weighing less than most standard water bottles. It converts easily from a water bottle to a cooking pot with a simple flip of the lid yet its watertight, temperature resistant O-ring won’t melt when exposed to heat. The BOT fits in most standard water bottle pockets. For much more information, photos, CLICK HERE.

22038 - Vargo BOT

Bush Pot on Stove


Whether you are in a survival situation or out on a leisurely hike with your family, at some point the dinner bell is going to ring. The Pathfinder Stainless Steel Bush Pot Cooking Kit is light weight and has the capacity to cook a hearty meal for a small family. So put away the beef jerky and trail mix, lose the weeds and cattails, and prepare yourself for a royal feast. SPECS: 304 Stainless Steel extremely durable, fire ready, and lightweight. 3 position bail with bat wing handles and pour spout. Stainless Steel lid with "D" ring. Stainless Steel Nesting Stove. Dimensions: Height 6" (peak in center of lid). Width 5 3/4" (outside dia.).Capacity 8 cup (64oz.). For more photos CLICK HERE.

22216 - Pathfinder Stainless Steel Bush Pot Cooling Kit - $49.95  


Esbit Spirit Stove Set

Esbit Spirit Stove PackedEsbit Tab HolderBurner Pieces

The Esbit® Spirit Stove Set provides various options for cooking in the field. It has a 985 ml pot with a volume indicator in liter/oz. increments on the side, and a 470 ml pot/pan which also serves as a lid. Constructed from extremely light, hard anodized aluminum, the set includes a stand that supports the pots, and includes a base for solid fuel Heat Tabs and a solid brass alcohol burner. The alcohol burner is same design as the Trangia burner above, and holds alcohol in it during transport (Heat Tabs and alcohol not included). The lid has an "0" ring seal, and the simmer cap has a folding handle for adjustments while cooking. Everything can be stored and carried in the large pot, which comes with a mesh bag. Dimensions, packed, is 5.8" x 5.0", and weighs 15 oz.

22041 - Esbit® Spirit Stove Set - $45.95

12026 - Esbit® Heat Tabs (12) - $6.50

For various Alcohol Bottles, see "Stoves" section.

Optimus Tera Kettle


Made by Optimus of Sweden, the Terra Kettle is a .7 liter, ultra light, kettle made from hard-anodized aluminum. When the folding handle is folded down, it makes a very slim package and can be slid right down into a pack. Because of the low height, yet large heating area, the kettle boils water very quickly. The kettle comes in it's own mesh bag with cord-lock drawstring. It weighs only 5.3 oz. and measures 6" in diameter x 2.25" high (2.5" including folded down handle).

22028 - Optimus Terra Kettle - $18.95

Stainless Locking Lid Box


This little Food Grade Stainless Steel Locking Lid Box is not only great for storing food or a survival kit in, but you can also cook in it. It holds approx. 24 oz. oz. (3 cups) of liquid, but I find that for boiling, about 16 oz. (2 cups) is safest. It has locking roller clasps on each end. Because the lid does not have a rubber seal in it, it is not waterproof, but this also means you can use the lid for cooking. It measures 6-1/4" long x 4-5/8" wide x 2-1/2" high. Weight: 7 oz.

22100 - Stainless Locking Lid Box - $12.95

Mess Tin w/ Handle


These are great mess tins that can be used for a survival kit, or for cooking. Their rectangular shape make them easy to pack, and their folding handles fold flat on the top of the tin. Made from Aluminum, the small one measures 6.5" x 3.5" x 2.6", and the large one measures 7.85" x 5.1" x 2.8".

Mess Tin w/Handle -


Alt Text 1

Stainless Steel Bottle Hanger in Closed Position

Alt Text 2

Stainless Steel Bottle Hanger in Open Position

Bottle Hanger


The Stainless Steel Bottle Hanger is great for hanging a stainless steel bottle over a fire by inserting it into the mouth of the bottle and then releasing. The tension of the spring will hold it in the bottle neck. It will work with all single wall Klean Kanteens, the Pathfinder 32 oz. Stainless Bottle, and Stainless Steel Canteens. When squeezed together and hooked on itself, it takes up little room in your pack (Bottles in photo NOT included).

This little hanger was originally designed to hold the mouth of a fish open so you could easily remove a hook. It has been adapted for use as a bottle hanger and serves the purpose well. You also have a multi-use item, because it can still be used for its intended purpose.

17063 - Stainless Steel Bottle Hanger- $3.25


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The Pot Lifter is a handy device for lifting pots, mugs, survival tins, etc. out of a fire. It does not stay attached to the item, so it always stays cool, and even works on pots or mugs with a rim. Just clamp to the side of the item you want to lift. It will even pick-up a pot with a bail. The Pot Lifter is wide so it provides more stability when lifting than do pliers. This a handy little item in the field when cooking over a fire. Measures 5" long x 1" wide, and weighs only 1.6 oz. Made In Sweden.

Check out our video review

22004 - Pot Lifter- $6.95


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The Pack Grill with Folding Legs gives you options for cooking your meals directly over the campfire. Featuring a chrome plated grill with folding legs made of FDA approved materials, the Pack Grill can stand alone directly over the fire. You can grill foods directly on the grate, or use it as a stove top for pots, pans, or metal coffee pots. Standing 7 inches off the ground on its legs, the Pack Grill is small enough when folded flat for easy storage in your pack. Being all one piece, there are no loose pieces to lose in the field.  It should also be noted that this grill can be used in the folded position for use over a Trench Type Fire or a Dakota Hole. Mesures12.5" x 6.5" 1" packed. Weigh: 14 oz.

22044 - Pack Grill with Folding Legs - $9.95

P-38 & P-51 CAN OPENER

P-38 & P-51 Can Openers

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The P-38 and P-51 can openers are a must have for an emergency if you need to open cans. The P-38 was originally developed in 1942 and was issued to U.S. troops so they could open canned C-rations. Later a larger model was developed, called the P-51 which is easier to use because of its larger size. The P-51 is ideal for those #10 cans used in emergency preparedness freeze dried food. Don't be caught without a can opener when an emergency situation occurs. Both the P-38 and the P-51 come in a two pack. Carry one on your key ring, and one in your BOB (Bug-Out Bag), so you are always prepared.

22034 - P-38 Can Opener - 2 Pack - $1.00
22035 - P-51 Can Opener - 2 Pack - $1.40

Mini Salt & Pepper Shaker



This is a great little Salt & Pepper Shaker for backpacking, camping, hiking, bug-out bags, evacuation kits, etc. If you don'y need salt and pepper, use it to carry spices in. It is compact, study, as well as moisture and spill proof. The end caps are removable for easy filling. The shakers unscrew from the center for use and allow you to just use just the salt or pepper. Buy several and stick one in each pack or food kit! They measure 2-1/4" long by 13/16" in diameter and weigh on 1/2 oz. empty.

22037 - Mini Salt & Pepper Shaker - $1.50

GSI Salt & Pepper Shaker



Larger than our Mini Shaker above, the GSI Salt & Pepper Shaker is still compact enough to carry for backpacking, camping, bug-out bags and evacuation kits. It can also be used to carry spices as well, and has waterproof screw caps that keep your contents dry. It has dispensing screen and caps that remove easily for cleaning or refilling. It measures 2-3/4" long by 1-1/4" diameter at the caps. It weighs only 1.1 oz.

22043 - GSI Salt & Pepper Shaker - $5.95