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EDC - Everyday Carry

We have products in almost all of our product categories that are useful for EDC - Everyday Carry. Select from the categories below for the specific type of EDC product. If you see an item of interest, click on it and you will be taken to the description and price of that item and you can add it to your shopping cart. Use the back button on your browser to return to the EDC - Everyday Carry page.

EDC Pocket Tools

A selection of tools that can be carried in your pocket or EDC pouch!

EDC Keyring Stuff

All kinds of stuff that can be carried everyday on a keyring!

EDC Flashlights

Various small flashlights that are handy for Everyday Carry!

EDC Writing Gear

Pens and Pads for those everyday writing chores!

EDC Firestarters

You should always carry someway to start a fire in the event of a survival situation!

EDC Signaling Items

It is always handy to have a way to signal for help!

EDC Navigation

Always have a means of determining which direction will get you back to safety!

EDC Pouches and Bags

Sometimes your pockets aren't big enough.. So pouches and bags are needed!