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Micro Candle LanternsCollapsed

Extra Candle

The UCO Micro Candle Lantern is the smallest available. When the glass top is collapsed down this is the most compact UCO lantern made. With all aluminum construction, it safely burns tealight candles for 3-5 hours and it has a twist-lock base which stores an extra tealight candle. Weighs only 3.9 oz. and is available in silver, Red and Green. It measures 2.5" diameter x 2-3/8" high (closed) and 3-1/2" high (open).

UCO Micro Candle Lantern $11.95
Neoprene Cocoon The Neoprene Cocoon protects your Micro Candle Lantern from damage in you pack when traveling. It also helps prevent glass breakage or denting and scratching of your lantern. Black only.

15229 - Neoprene Cocoon for UCO Micro Lantern - $5.95

15230 - Micro Replacement Glass Chimney - $2.95

12047 - 100% Beeswax Tealight Candles - 3 Pack - $3.95

Mini Candle Lantern


This is a smaller version of the original UCO candle lantern. This lantern is super light and compact. It uses the popular tealight tub candles which are available everywhere. It safely burns tealight candles for 3-4 hours and has a bail handle for hanging or carrying. Dimensions: 4" x 2.5". Weighs 3.2 oz. This is a great little lantern for survival, emergencies, vehicle and home kits, as well as for unexpected power failures.

Product Made in America

15215 - UCO Mini Candle Lantern - $9.95

15216 - Replacement Glass Chimney - $3.99

12047 - 100% Beeswax Tealight Candles - 3 Pack - $3.95

Candle Lantern


This is a unique Aluminum Candle Lantern which can provide light, warmth, and helps to reduce condensation in a tent. The candle (included) is spring loaded to keep the flame height constant, while a small viewing window shows how much candle is left. The lantern itself collapses to a compact size for transport. The easy-slide glass chimney slides down into the lantern, making the candle easy to light. A twist-lock base allows easy access for replacing the candle. Dimensions: 6.5" tall (open), 4.25" tall (closed) x 2" in diameter. Weight (with candle) 6.4 oz.

Product Made in America

15201 - UCO Candle Lantern - 16.95

15208 - Replacement Glass Chimney - $4.95

Oil Insert


The UCO Oil Insert is a great option for the Original UCO Lantern (shown above). This Oil Insert can be used instead of candles in the Original UCO Lantern (It does not fit the UCO Candlelier, Mini or Micro lanterns). You can use lamp oil (liquid paraffin) instead of candles. It burns up to 6 hours. You simply unscrew the bottom (like you are going to change a candle, and instead of putting in another candle, you insert the UCO Oil Insert. It has a screw cap on top so the oil does not leak out when not in use. (Lantern Not Included)

15203 - UCO Oil Insert - $11.95


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The UCO LED Kit allows you to update any Original UCO Candle Lantern to gain an extra function from their lantern, enabling it to work as a flashlight as well.

This kit allows you to attach a battery-powered LED light in the base of the lamp. You simply replace the existing base (which holds the candle) with this LED Kit.  You still have a candle on the inside of the lantern, but now you also have a LED light which shines down from the bottom.  The batteries can last for up to 40 hours of use, providing you with a long-term source of light suitable for many activities both indoors and out.  The LED Kit provides a longer bail to replace the one on your Original Lantern, so it fits over the new base when not in use.

As an additional benefit, the LED Kit does not need to be attached to the lantern for it to operate.  Simply press the tabs on each side of the clear housing and it detaches from the outer black housing.  You now have an LED flashlight that can be carried in your pocket, or a free-standing light with a fold- out stand.  The bottom three photos above show the clear LED housing in the front, side, and back view.

Product Made in America

15207 - LED Kit for UCO Original Candle Lantern - $10.95



This a larger version of the famous UCO Candle Lantern. It is a three-candle lantern and is ideal for backcountry applications, as well as cabins, camps, and for use in the home during an emergency. The heat-shield on top provides a stove-like surface that can be used to boil small amounts of water, melt snow, or keep foods warm. A stainless steel handle makes the Candlelier easy to hang and carry. A unique spring loaded candle tube keeps the flame height constant, with a small viewing window shows how much candle remains. Each candle burns up to nine hours. A sturdy three-legged base helps stabilize the lantern on uneven surfaces. Measures 8" high x 4" wide. Weighs (with 3 candles): 1 lb. 5 oz.

Product Made in America

15218 - UCO Candlelier Lantern - $32.50

15222 - Replacement Glass Chimney - $7.95



This is another quality unit for those emergency situations when you need area light. This hand-crank powered lantern provides dual mode lighting (choose from 9 or 15 LED's) for 360 degree illumination. Collapsible design allows for easy storage. Features an emergency siren, charger for mobile phones, LED on/off indicator light, power provided by a 3-phase alternator motor, and rechargeable NiMH batteries which never need replacing. 12 V DC vehicle cigarette lighter socket adapter and cell phone charger adapter kit included. Winding time: 1 min. for 5-8 min. light, 3 min. for 10-15 min. light, and 5 min. for 15-20 min. light.

SRI Lantern shown Closed SRI Lantern Hand-Crank

26012 - eGear 15 LED Hand-Crank Lantern - $42.95



The famous Dietz Hurricane Lanterns stay lit in any weather! Unmatched quality proven in use since 1840 on Mississippi showboats, New England Whalers, locomotives, horse-drawn trolleys, homes and camps. Easiest operation of any lantern designed for rough-and-tough outdoor use. Thumb-lever lifts globe up and out of the way for lighting. Hinged globes tilt out for quick cleaning or replacement. Tanks are plated to resist rust and heat resistant globes are protected with steel guards. All Dietz lanterns are now imported from Dietz of China where manufacturing was moved.

Dietz Lanterns

We offer 4 of the most popular Dietz Hurricane Lanterns, the #76 Original, #20 Junior, #1 Little Wizard w/Large Fount, and the #2000 Millennium Cooker.

The approved fuels for Dietz Lanterns are Standard Clear Lamp Oil, Citronella Oil (for Outdoor use only), Non-Dyed (Clear) Kerosene, Synthetic Kerosene (*Clear-Lite), or Klean-Heat Kerosene Substitute. WARNING: Never Use gasoline, Coleman fuel, white gas, paint thinner, wood alcohol, diesel, naptha, turpentine, or any other explosive fuel in a wick lamp or lantern of any type.

The 4 Dietz Hurricane Lanterns we offer are described below.

Original BlackOriginal Blue


The #76 Original, introduced in the 1970's, is the best selling lantern. It is 10" tall, with an average 5 candle power. It has a 1/2" wick and an 8 oz. fuel capacity. It has an approx. 11 hour burning time.

26500 - Dietz Original Lantern - Black w/Brass Trim - $14.95

26501 - Dietz Original Lantern - Blue - 12.95

26520 - 1/2" Replacement Wicks (2 Pack) - $1.50



The #20 Junior, larger than the original, was introduced in 1887 as the first lantern to stay lit in any weather and is known as the "Queen of the Cold Blasts". Its tall globe increases its efficiency. It is 12" tall, with an average 9 candle power. It has a 5/8" wick and a 9 oz. fuel capacity. It has an approx. 12 hour burning time.

26505 - Dietz Junior Lantern - Black w/Brass Trim - $16.50

26522 - 5/8" Replacement Wicks (2 Pack) - $1.50

w/Large Fount Base

Little Wizard BlackLittle Wizard Blue

The #1 Little Wizard Lantern w/Large Fount Base is one of our favorites for both our camp and at home. Its large, tip resistant base makes it very user friendly and the increased capacity of the fount (31 oz.) increases burning time to 45 hours! It is 12" tall, with an average of 9 candle power. It has a 5/8" wick and a 31 oz. fuel capacity. This is a great little lantern!

26510 - Dietz Little Wizard w/Large Fount - Black - $19.95

26511 - Dietz Little Wizard w/Large Fount - Blue - $19.95

26522 - 5/8" Replacement Wicks (2 Pack) - $1.50


Millenium CookerMillenium Cooker

The Dietz #2000 Millennium Cooker/Lantern was developed to heat water or food for emergency or camping use indoors or out. Its compact design is similar to the #30 Little Wizard lantern, and will burn 23 hours per filling. Replace the top with the included little grill, and you can use this lantern as a small stove. Included is an aluminum plate and 12 oz. cup to heat water, soup or a small meal. Also included is a snap-on bottom bracket and holding pegs to anchor the lamp to the ground. This lantern is green and is 12" tall, with an average 9 candle power. It has a 5/8" wick, a 17 oz fuel capacity, and a 23 hour burning time. Approx. thermal output for cooking is 1100 BTU per hour. The plate and cup have a 4-1/2" outside diameter. This is great for emergency preparedness kits!

26515 - Dietz Millennium Cooker/Lantern - Green - $34.95

26522 - 5/8" Replacement Wicks (2 Pack) - $1.50