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Survival Resources Exclusive Gear


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Survival Kits by Survival Resources

If you are interested in the various custom survival kits which are exclusive to Survival Resources CLICK HERE.

Aqua-Pouch 1 Liter


Designed & developed by Survival Resources™ specifically for use in survival kits, the 1 Liter AQUA-POUCH™ is a free standing, zip-closure, water storage container designed for use with water purification tablets. The pouch has a line marked for 1 liter of water for easy measuring when using water purification tablets. It also has grommets at the top so it can be carried when full of water. For more information and photos, CLICK HERE.

Product Made in America

17201 - AQUA-POUCH™ - 1 Liter - $6.95

Aqua Pouch Plus Water Purification Kit


When in a survival or emergency situation, or even just hiking, you need the ability to purify water. The AQUA-POUCH™ PLUS, Water Purification Kit provides you with everything you need to purify contaminated water so you can stay hydrated. This kit includes a 1-Liter AQUA-POUCH™ (Designed & Developed by Survival Resources - see Water Containers, product 17201), 10 Chlorine Dioxide Water Purification Tablets (which are effective even against Cysts such as Cryptosporidium - Iodine & Chlorine are not), 5 Pre-Filters (to prefilter water before purification), a Pre-Filter Support Sheath (another item made exclusively by Survival Resources), as well as directions for use. Our kit provides everything you need and measures 4" wide x 8" tall x 3/8" thick. You can carry one in every kit or pack. For more Information & Photographs, CLICK HERE.

Product Made in America

17204 - The AQUA-POUCH™ PLUS - Water Purification Kit - $12.95



The Mini-Match™ is a pint size firestarter that packs a huge value into a little space. A miniature magnesium rod with a built in flint rod and separate striker, the Mini-Match™ is a dependable, all weather, all terrain, non-fragile fire starter for all your outdoor activities. It fits easily in an "Altoids" type tin survival kit leaving plenty of room for other components. The striker is attached with a key chain. This is MUST for your key chain or survival kit! Dimensions: 2-3/8" x 1/4". Wt. Less than 1/2 oz.

Product Made in America

12001 - Mini-Match™ Magnesium Firestarter - $4.95



The Maxi-Match™ provides maximum fire starting capability. Double the diameter of our Mini-Match™ firestarter, it is a magnesium rod with a built in flint rod and separate striker. The Maxi-Match™ is a dependable, all weather, all terrain, non-fragile fire starter for all your outdoor activities. It fits easily in most survival kits with plenty of room for other components. The striker is attached with a key chain. This is a MUST for your key chain or survival kit! Dimensions: 2-3/8" x 1/2". Wt. 1 oz.

Product Made in America

12000 - Maxi-Match™ Magnesium Firestarter - $8.95

Big-Stick Flint

With Detachable Striker

The BIG STICK™ Flint is a large ferrocerium rod imported from Europe. It measures 4" long by 3/8" in diameter. We have attached a 1" split-ring and one of our miniature snap swivel hooks for holding the striker when not in use. Some fire starters have a striker attached to a lanyard, which makes striking the ferrocerium rod awkward. Our attached snap swivel hook allows you to easily detach the striker for use, yet allows it to stay attached to the rod when not in use!

12017 - The "BIG STICK™" Flint - $28.95

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The Tinder-Tin™ is an exclusive product of Survival Resources. These little, slide top tins, are made for us right here in the U.S. and measure 3-1/8" long x 1-3/8" wide x 7/16" thick. They contain ten (10) of our Tinder-Quick™ Fire Tabs and you can either buy a refill when you use up the tinder, or use the tin for your small survival kit goodies. They are available with either an Orange or Olive Green label. Place one in each of your kits, or throw one in a jacket pocket. You can always use an all-weather fire starter that even lights when wet. Each Tinder-Quick™ fire tab is specially treated to high standards to ensure the cotton is waterproof and provides more than adequate burn times for starting fires (each tab burns 2-3 minutes).

Product Made in America

Tinder-Tin™ - $2.95
12010 - Tinder-Quick™ Refill (10 Pack) - $1.99


Fire Blowing Tube

In order to have fire, you need fuel, heat, and oxygen.  Sometimes getting the oxygen into a fire in the area you want it is difficult.  You have probably seen people use a hat to try and fan extra oxygen into a fire.  Our Fire Blowing-Tube™ allows you to blow oxygen directly into a fire at the bottom, where it is needed, without you having to lean over the fire.  It can be used to start a fire, sustain a fire, or bring a fire back to life.

Our Fire Blowing-Tube™ is unique in that it uses a combination of a stainless steel collapsible tube and a flexible clear plastic tube.  The plastic tube can be removed, allowing you to use it as a drinking tube in an emergency situation, or replace it when needed.  For those who are not allergic to latex, it can also be replaced with surgical tubing.

For much more information and photos CLICK HERE.

12210 - Fire Blowing-Tube™ - $12.95

72 HR. - BUG-OUT

Alt Tag HereAlt Tag Here

For many emergencies, you will be able to Bug-In at your home. But if the time ever comes when you need to leave the comfort of your home and Bug-Out, you'll want your 72 Hr. - Bug-Out Bag ready to go! Although there are many different types of items you need in that bag that can support you for at least 72 hrs. One thing that is often forgotten is a Personal Hygiene Kit. It is important to have those items that will help you take care of your personal hygiene for 72 hrs. So Survival Resources has developed a self-contained Personal Hygiene Kit that can be placed in a Bug-Out bag and ready when you need it. It is contained in a small 4" x 5" 4 mil. zip-closure bag and will fit in any size bag or pack you choose.

It contains 1. Comb, 1. Bar Soap, 1. Tooth Brush, 1. Toothpaste, 2. 18" Dental Floss, 1. Conditioning Shampoo. 5. Cotton Swabs, 2. Antibacterial Hand Wipes, and 1. 17" x 12" Lightload Towel.

Add one of our packages of Compact Toilet Paper and your hygiene needs should be taken care of.

For A Product Video Review, more photos, and refills CLICK HERE.

26330 - 72 Hr. - Bug-Out Personal Hygiene Kit - $3.75  

Emergency Sunglasses


These Emergency Sunglasses are ideal for any survival or travel safety kit. Ideal for preventing snow blindness during any winter activity, in the event your sunglasses are lost or broken. Can also protect eyes when on the water during bright sun. They have an adjustable cardboard temple and fold flat to store in the supplied envelope. One size fits all and they are good for more than one use.

18003 - Emergency Sunglasses - $1.25


EmergencyInformation Wristband

When the time comes to evacuate your home because of an emergency, or bug-out as some call it, you will want to be sure that you have a way to discreetly carry your emergency information. This could include information such as copies of your identification cards or licenses, medical records, insurance information, and the account numbers and contact information for your charge cards, to name just a few.

The Emergency Information Wristband is a discreet way for you to carry that information! Our wristbands are made from a pliable Silicone material so they are not stiff or uncomfortable to wear. They contain a 4 GB USB Flash Drive that can hold a lot of your information. They will fit any wrist up to 8-3/8 inch in circumference.

For more Information and Photos CLICK HERE.

26422 - Emergency Information Wristband- $14.95


Belt Pouch

Our Belt Pouch is ideal for carrying a small survival kit, and also holds our small mess tin and small mess tin with handle (see Misc. Containers Section). These are very versatile pouches and can be used on the belt, or as a pouch for other kits or packs. These pouches are also used for our Pocket Tin Survival Kit Plus™ (see Survival Kit Section). They are made from tough Pack Cloth and measure 4" high x 6" long x 2" deep. Available in Orange, Black, OD Green and ACU Camo.

In HandOn Belt
Container RemovedOpen

The above 2 photos show the Belt Pouch with the Small Mess Tin with Handle.

Product Made in America

Belt Pouch - $7.95


Pocket Tin Belt Pouch

This is a great little belt pouch for carrying a Pocket Tin Survival Kit. It will hold our silver hinged tin, our Small Survival Kit Tin, as well as an Altoids tin. It has a substantial belt loop on the back which will take a belt up to 2.5". Made from durable Polypro webbing, it measures 2/5" wide x 1.5" deep x 3.75" high. Black only.

Alt Text 1

Front/Side View

Alt Text 2

Front View

Alt Text 2

Side View

Alt Text 2

Back View

Product Made in America

21007 - Pocket Tin Belt Pouch - $7.95



We are selling so many Pocket Tin Survival Kits we had to increase production of our Blaze Orange Duct Tape on backing, so we decided to sell them as refills for our kit or for use in any mini survival kit! Exclusively from Survival Resources, these Slim-Pak™ 6" strips of Blaze Orange Duct Tape come 6 strips to a pack (a total of 36"). Each strip is 2" wide (with backing) x 6" long. We leave 1/16" of backing on each side of the Duct Tape so you can easily peel the tape off the backing. They can be folded in half, folding them "duct tape in" so the backing protects the tape. Unlike some duct tape being offered, this is high quality 10mil duct tape with a substantial, peel off, backing. Again, you get 6 - 6" pieces per pack, for a total of 36".

Product Made in America

18102 - Slim-Pak™ Duct Tape - Orange (6 Pack) - $1.95

Stainless Screw Top Vials


This is a great little vial made from stainless steel, a screw top, and a pocket clip. It measures 3-1/4" long x 3/8" outside diameter (5/16" inside diameter) and is great for storing small items in a mini kit, or sewing needles (extra needles from our sewing awl under the Repair Gear section fit in this vial). Wt. .3 oz.

21040 - Stainless Screw Top Vial - $5.95

Mini Plastic Vials


These Mini-Plastic Vials are ideal for mini survival kits. They can be used for storing needles, small fish hooks, small barrel and snap swivels, BB split shot, small safety pins, and other small items such as mini pencils. Each vial comes with a very tight fitting black vinyl cap, and they are packaged 3 vials to a bag. They measure 3-3/8" long (3-1/4" usable length inside) by 1/4" diameter (inside).

Product Made in America

21042 - 3 Mini Plastic Vials - $2.25

Screw Top Plastic Vials


We find that the caps on many of the plastic vials used in survival kits always fall off. So, we had these Screw Top Plastic Vials made especially for us. Great for survival kits, they are shorter than our Mini Plastic Vials (above), but larger around. They are great for storing various small items in your survival kit and are really handy for a small fishing tackle kit. The caps screw on (so they don't fall off in your kit) and are made of black metal. These vials Are Not waterproof. They measure 2-1/4" long (2-1/8" usable length inside) x 5/8" diameter. Packages 3 vials to a bag.

Product Made in America

21044 - 3 Screw Top Plastic Vials - $2.25


Waterproof Screwtop VialHolding Matches

Larger than the vials above, and made for us, these Waterproof Plastic Screw Top Vials have a waterproof cap and are more substantial than many other vials. These vials are handy for mini survival kits, fishing kits, tinder, carrying spices in your cook kit, etc. They also hold the UCO Stormproof Matches with striker listed under the firestarter products page. The uses are only limited by your imagination! They are sold 2 to a pack and measure 3-3.16" long x 7/8" diameter (inside), 1-1/8 diameter (outside cap).

Product Made in America

21046 - 2 Waterproof Plastic Screw Top Vials - $2.25


Waterproof Screw Top Vials

Note: The large vial to the right is only pictured to show the size comparison to the shorter vials.

Waterproof Screwtop Vials

The 21046 Waterproof Plastic Screw Top vial above has been such a big seller, that we went back to the company making them for us and asked if they could make us shorter vials in three different sizes. Well they could, and here they are.

These shorter Waterproof Screw Top Vials are great for all those needs when packaging a survival or first aid kit. They can be utilized for anything from a small fishing tackle kit to carry medications in a first aid kit. Being food grade, they can also be used to carry salt, pepper, spices, etc. in your cook kit! You can buy each size individually as a three pack or a three pack with one of each size! All three vials are 2-3/16" long, with an inside length of 2-1/8". The small vial measures 11/16 diameter (inside) and 7/8" diameter (outside cap). The medium vial measures 13/16" diameter (inside) and 1" diameter (outside cap). The large vial measures 7/8" diameter (inside) and 1-1/8" diameter (outside cap). There are so many uses for these vials that you will be surprised you went without them (Note: The large vial in photo is for size comparison only and is available above as product No. 21046).

Product Made in America

3 Short Waterproof Plastic Screw Top Vials - $2.25