1 Qt. Emergency Water Bag (3-Pack)

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3-Pack of self-supporting 1 Qt. Emergency Water Bags with roll down tops.

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This 1 Qt. Emergency Water Bag is great for all your survival kits. It has a gusseted bottom which allows the bag to stand on its own. These water bags hold 36oz. of liquid each. It is 4 mil. thick and is sterile (there is a tear off tab on the top to open the bag for the first time). It has a roll down top which is secured shut with wire tabs specially designed so the ends are covered to prevent puncturing the bag. You simply roll the top down 3 times, curve the ends together and twist the tabs to secure. Although this bag is not as sturdy as our Aqua-Pouch™, and is not as stable standing, it is a great alternative, specifically for mini kits because of its ability to fold down very small. Packaged 3 per bag.