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Bottle Tops As Lamp Globes

By John D. McCann

As you will recall from my two previous articles on Making Drinking Glasses from Wine Bottles, you have the neck of the bottle left over.

If you haven't read those articles you can find them here: Bottles To Drinking Glasses Part 1: Cutting the Bottles and Bottles To Drinking Glasses Part 2: Sanding the Rim. This will explain how to cut the bottles.

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This photo shows that when you cut the bottle, you use the bottom for the glass. But you have a left over top.

We have had the tops setting around for quite a while. Always wanting to recycle whatever we can, we knew eventually we would come up with a use for them. Then one day while playing with a new oil lamp that uses a Mason jar as the bottom, we wondered if the tops of the old wine bottles could be used as emergency globes for oil lamps. This would be especially usefull in an emergency situation as replacement globes if some got broke.

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Here is wine bottle top used on an oil lamp top made for a mason jar.

We found that the many different lamps we had used different sized globes, but using various sized bottles to make glasses, we were able to find some to fit various sized lamps. Keep in mind, not all bottle tops will fit all oil lamps. If you want a top for a particular oil lamp, you might want to measure the diameter of the bottle before cutting it for a drinking glass.

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This photo shows a cut wine bottle with both bottom and top, and three different oil lamps we were able to use bottle tops as globes. The one on the left is actually a beer bottle top.

Anyway, as you can see, this is just another way to use what you have for various puposes. It is all about being self-reliant!

We hope you enjoyed this article and will help support our efforts by checking out our products. As always, Be Prepared To Survive!

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