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A Test for Bugging-In

By John D. McCann

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The following short article is an excerpt from my new book, Bug-Out - Reality Vs. Hype.

Bugging-In would seem like an easy enough task, but is it really? Are you prepared to remain inside and do you have the necessary supplies and ability to do so? Does the whole family?

The best way to determine your abilities are to test them. I have often suggested that a family use a weekend to determine how they might fare in an emergency situation. It can provide an eye-opening experience for all involved.

This is how it works. The family is informed that on Friday night the electricity to the house will be shut off at the main breaker box or the "service disconnect." If you have public water, it will be turned off where it enters the house. If you have a well, when the electricity is turned off, so will the water. If you have gas, it will be shut off as well. The Power, water, and gas will stay off until Sunday night. All cell phones will be turned off and placed in a secured location.

No family member can leave the house or yard and cannot have any contact with neighbors or others. The family will have to complete meals to the best of their ability only using what is in the house or yard, using only the supplies available.

Well there you have it, and sometimes it won't be pretty. Some family members will fare better than others, but all must participate until the end, being reasonable of course. It will be interesting to see who is innovative and who just wants to rely on others doing the work.

This type of exercise will provide you with real feedback that you can analyze in order to better prepare for a real world situation. Did you have sufficient supplies? Did the water you normally have stored for emergencies last the weekend? Did you have various forms of light, or did you depend on batteries? Were you able to cook adequately? Were there any injuries, and were you able to handle them? Did anybody quit and refuse to participate further?

With the information you obtain from an exercise like this, you will be able to ensure that you are better prepared for a real emergency. Give it a try.

Know how you and family members will react in a situation, before it is too late to do anything about it. Educate them to understand that everyone must work together in order for all to survive.

We hope you enjoyed this article and will help support our efforts by checking out our products. As always, Be Prepared To Survive!

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