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Finding Space for a Food Pantry

and Emergency Supplies

By John D. McCann

As we know, it is important to have a food pantry with extra food in the home in the event of an emergency. It is also important to store other emergency supplies in an area where you can get to them when you need them.

Our primary pantry is in our cellar which is fairly large. This is where the majority of our food is stored (including water, wine, and paper goods). This would include lots of various macaroni (which my wife, Denise, and I both love), canned food, freeze dried food, and five gal. buckets with Gamma seal lids. These buckets contain things like rice, flour, salt, sugar, and various other things.

However, being in the far corner of the cellar, our primary pantry is a ways from the kitchen. We have a cellar staircase just off the kitchen which is against an outside wall. We used this area to store some emergency supplies, 1st aid supplies, etc. But there weren't really any shelves and it wasn't organized (which I'm never happy about). I kept looking at this area and decided I could build a shelving unit at the angle of the stairs, and still have room for plenty of supplies. At the top by the door, I could build the shelves a little deeper and make room (organized room) for some of the emergency supplies and 1st Aid kit.

When food comes into the house, unless it is for immediate use in the kitchen, it is dated and stored in the primary pantry. The primary pantry now supplies the secondary pantry at the top of the stairs, which serves the kitchen.. Not really as complicated as it sounds.

Anyway, here are some photos of what I built. It works well for our needs.

View Up

A view looking up from the cellar.

View Through Door

A view looking through the door upstairs.

Food at Left

A closer view of the food at the left.

Emergency Supplies

A closer view of emergency supplies at bottom.

Emergency Supplies

A closer view of emergency supplies at top.

As you can see, emergency food and supplies can be organized. This is only an example of using available space. I'm sure there are places in your home where a food pantry can be built and emergency supplies can be kept. When an emergency occurs... you will be glad you did!

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