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Preparing Parsley for the Pantry

By Denise McCann - Photos by John D. McCann

Our garden was full of Parsley which we like to dehydrate and bottle for the pantry. It lasts for the whole winter-spring time span (and even longer), so we never have to buy it (this goes for other things like oregano, savory, etc.).

Bucket of Parsley

This is a half bucket of parsley from the garden.

After I separate the leaves from the stem, I place the leaves in a bin, and take them to the sink for washing.

Ready for Washing

Processed and ready for washing.

After washing, I break the leaves down into smaller pieces and lay them on a dehydrator tray.

Breaking Down Parsley

Author breaking down leaves and placing on dehydrator tray.

The trays then go into the dehydrator, for about 6-8 hours at low temperature.

Parsley in Dehydrator

A view of the parsley on trays in the dehydrator.

Jar of Parsley

The finished product ready for the pantry.

We get many, many jars like the one shown in the photo above. There is just nothing like being self reliant!

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