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Shortening a Titanium Flint Lighter for EDC

By John D. McCann

I liked the new Vargo Titanium Flint Lighter, but didn't personally care for the spring loaded clip for attachment. It only worked on smaller split rings and upon looking at the device, I realized that if I could cut off the back, I could drill a hole for a split ring and attach it to my EDC key ring.

Vargo Titanium Flint Lighter

However, before doing any cutting, I had to determine how deep the hole for the spring was, so I didn't cut-off or drill through the spring. Therefore, the first thing I did was take the side panel off so that I could remove the striker wheel, flint and spring. This must be done carefully as the flint and wheel are under tension and all pieces will go flying, including the spring, if care is not taken.

Side Panel Screw

This is view of the side panel which is removed to take of the striker wheel, flint and spring.

Flint Lighter Taken Apart

A view of the side panel removed with spring, flint, and striker wheel.

Once the spring was removed, I used a piece of 3/32nds piano wire to insert in the spring hole to determine its depth. The spring hole was determined to be 3/8" deep. This was good as I could use any area below the beveled top to drill a hole for a split ring without concern for drilling through the spring.

Keep in mind that I already determined the depth of the hole, so you will not have to perform this first step. You can start with the next step, which is removing the spring clip and cutting off the back of the original handle. I cut off approximately 1", which is just behind the front concave part of the original handle.

Side View

A view of the clip removed and the hole that held the spring clip.

Other Side View

A view of the the clip removed from the opposite side and the hole that held the spring clip.

Handle in Vice

A view of the back of the handle being held in a vice in preparation of cutting the back of the handle off. Keep in mind that the front end of yours should still be together.

Top Part Cut Off

The top of the clip opening has been cut off with a hacksaw. Now you continue and cut through the bottom section.

Filed End

Once end back of the handle has been removed, the end will be rather rough from using the hacksaw. You should file the end so it is smooth and doesn't have any sharp edges.

Setup on Drill Press

I used a Drill Press Vice to hold the shortened handle so I could drill a hole in the rear of the handle for a split ring. The hole could be as large or small as you want.

Drilling the Hole

A close-up of the hole being drilled.

The Finnished Hole

Once the hole is drilled, be sure to take any burs, as seen in picture, off the sides of the hole so there are no sharp edges.

Completed Lighter

Completed project with split ring added.

Comparison of the two lighters

A top view comparison of the original and new 1" shorter version.

Side comparison of two lighters

A side view comparison of the original and new 1" shorter version.

Well there you have it. A quick modification to a Vargo Titanium Flint Lighter in order to make it shorter. You eliminate the original spring clip, but I like the split ring.

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and will help support our efforts by checking out our products. As always, Be Prepared To Survive!