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Slush Lamp Pipe Cleaner Wicks

By John D. McCan

Slush Lamp

I did an article a short time ago called "DIY Moveable Candle Wicks" where I used Cotton Pipe Cleaners dipped in paraffin which would float on top of a candle, making them moveable. If you are interested in that article CLICK HERE.

The other day, I'm looking at the shape of the wicks made from the cotton pipe cleaners and I wondered if I dipped them in oil for a slush lamp, would they work as a "Free Standing" wick. I tried with both Olive Oil and Canola Oil and they worked great. The size I used for the moveable wicks was perfect for a shallow dish, and I used a dish we use for Soy sauce. If you were going to use a deeper dish, you would just make the wicks taller. Here are some pictures.

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This all you need. Some Cotton Pipe Cleaners and a shallow dish.

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This shows the initial wrap of the pipe cleaner around the pencil.

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This shows the bending in and up of the remainder of the pipe cleaner.

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This is what they should look like when completed. Soak in oil and place in a shallow dish.
If you used a taller dish, make the standing part taller. Fill the dish with your favorite oil
(Olive, Canola, Lamp oil, etc.) and light the wick.

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You now a Slush Lamp using a free standing Cotton Pipe Cleaner Wick.

Well that is all there is to making your own Slush Lamp Pipe Cleaner Wicks! We hope you enjoyed this article and will help support our efforts by checking out our products. As always, Be Prepared To Survive!