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1 Hand Trekker

With a Marlin Spike

By John D. McCann

The other day I was talking to my wife, Denise, and complaining how nobody makes a decent knife with a marlin spike on it.

As most of you who know me, even though I always carry a fixed blade knife, or two, each of my packs have a plain edge One Hand Trekker in a spec-ops pouch on one of the shoulder straps.

Denise (who is from Switzerland) say's, "Gee, you would think that Victorinox would put a Marlin Spike on one of their knives." All of a sudden a big light goes off over my head...... I say, "How stupid can I be.... don't answer that.... Victorinox did put a Marlin Spike on the One Hand Trekker.... they just camouflaged it as a Phillips screw driver.

Well, directly to the grinder, file, etc., I go.... Now I'm not real good on the grinder, but I do my best.

Trekker with Marlin Spike

A view of the One Hand Trekker with Marlin Spike.

Close up of Marlin Spike

A closer view of the Marlin Spike ground from the Phillips screwdriver.

As I said, the grinding could be better, but it works. It's a little short... but with the T-handle it works fine for getting out knots.

It should be noted, that like the Victorinox Farmer that is carried on my person, the can opener blade has been ground into a chisel at the end. Unlike the Farmer, the can opener blade on the One Hand Trekker locks into place which makes it a much safer chisel. Both simple mod's, but effective for my use.

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