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Vargo Pot Lid Modification

By John D. McCann

I like the Vargo Titanium "Ti-Lite 750" mug because, like my Snow Peak Solo Pot, it fits tightly over a NalgeneĀ® bottle. However, the lid on my Snow Peak pot has a lid lifter that lays flat when not in use. The Vargo "Ti-Lite 750" has a stationary knob attached to the top which sticks above the rim of the lid. It doesn't sound like much, but it will not slide into a nice flat space like my other lid.

Vargo and Snowpeak Pot Lids

The above photo shows the Vargo "Ti-Lite 750" mug lid on the left with the stationary lifting knob, and Snow peak Solo Pot lid with a lid lifter that lays flat when not in use, on the right.

So, I figured a quick modification was in order. Looking around the shop I found some 1 hole Ring Hangers which are used to hang pictures. They are stainless steel and substantial, so I chose one of them for this project.

Ti-Lite 750 Lid with the hardware

The above shows the Vargo "Ti-Lite 750" mug lid with the stationary lifting knob removed, which can be seen at the top right with the attaching screw. Below that is the Ring Hanger and pop rivet which will be used to make a new lid lifter.

The original lid lifter came of the Vargo lid with no problem as it is held in place with a Phillips head screw underneath. Once it was removed, I already had a hole for the Ring Hanger. I was about to attach the Ring Hanger with a pop rivet when I figured I would modify it as well. The way it was, the Ring hanger, when attached would indeed lay flat when not in use. But, it wouldn't stand up by itself when raised. This would certainly make it easier to use a stick to lift the lid when it was hot.

There are two little legs on the Ring Hanger that face back towards the ring after going through the pivot rings. So I did a little bending of the two legs of the Ring Hangers (about 85 degrees), so when the lifter was in the up position it would stand there (the accompanying photos will make this easier to understand). Now a stick could easily be placed through the ring when standing. Although this modification did keep the new lid lifter from laying completely flat, it did not stick above the lip on the lid.

A quick pop rivet and the project was done. This is one of those quick project that needs hardly any tools but results (at least in my opinion) in an easy modification that makes a piece of gear more functional for my purposes.

Vargo Lid with the new Ring Hanger

The new lid lifter made from a Ring Hanger in the down position after having been attached to the lid with a pop rivet. You can see how the two legs of the Ring Hanger were bent about 80 degrees.

Vargo Lid with the new Ring Hanger standing up

The new lid lifter in the up position. Because of the bends in the two legs, it now stands up by itself, making it easier to insert a stick when hot.

As you see, this is one of those easy modifications that take little time or tools.

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