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Wrapping a Survival Kit Tin

(With Parachute Cord)

By Denise McCann

Wrapping a survival kit tin with cordage provides a means to carry cordage with a small kit, and at the same time, allows you to secure your tin lid with the cordage. There are various ways to wrap a survival kit tin with cordage. The following method is very easy to accomplish and is called "Common Whipping."

Step 1 1. Make a bight the length of the tin with the parachute cord and lay it along the top of the tin.
Step 2 2. Cross running end up and over the bight and wrap around the bottom of the tin.
Step 3 3. Bring wrap up and around tin staying to the left of the original wrap. Pull wrap tight.
Step 4 4. Continue wrapping tightly around the tin staying to the left of each previous wrap.
Step 5 5. Continue wrapping tightly around the tin until you get almost to the end of the loop of the bight on the left side of the tin.
Step 6 6. When you get to the loop, place the end of the running end of the cordage through the loop of the bight at the left side of the tin.
Step 7 7. Pull the original end from the right in the direction of the arrow, holding the running end inside the loop of the bight at the left side, until the loop closes tightly on the running end.
Step 8 8. Continue pulling from the right, pulling the loop under the wraps, until the loop is approximately at the center of the wraps.
Step 9 9. Take both ends and pull the wraps tight toward the center and start a square knot.
Step 10 10. Complete a square knot.
Step 11 11. Tuck the ends under the wraps and poke in tightly.
Step 12 12. The completed survival tin wrapped with parachute cord.

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