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Aqua-Pouch 1 Liter

Aqua-Pouch 1 Liter

Designed & developed by Survival Resources™ specifically for use in survival kits, the 1 Liter AQUA-POUCH™ is a free standing, zip-closure, water storage container designed for use with water purification tablets. The pouch has a line marked for 1 liter of water for easy measuring when using water purification tablets. This 5.2 mil, extremely sturdy FDA approved food grade pouch, has a gusseted bottom and measures 6.5" wide x 10" high. It can be rolled or folded for easy storage, yet its free standing ability allows for easy filling and pouring. This pouch will hold boiling water (for those who purify water by boiling), and it can be frozen and then thawed by placing in boiling water. Because of the large top opening, you can also place snow in it and carry it between your clothing layers for melting. The AQUA-POUCH™ also has grommets at the top which allow you to attach cordage, such as parachute cord, so you can have a means of transporting the pouch, or attaching it to a pack.

Aqua-Pouch 1 LiterAqua-Pouch 1 Liter Worn

A little history is in order. I'm John McCann and the Founder and Managing Director of Survival Resources™. When I was in the US Marine Corps, we used non-lubricated condoms in our survival kits for carrying water. They were small and fit in even the smallest kit, but they had to be supported in a shirt sleeve or pants leg when full of water, or they would burst. I was always looking for something better and eventually found the Reynolds™ Oven Bag, which I featured in my book "Build the Perfect Survival Kit." It packed small, was robust, but had to be marked with a 1 liter line, and it didn't stand up by itself and was difficult to transport. I had many ideas and prerequisites for the ideal survival kit water container, but finally decided that I would just have to develop one myself. After many rejections, the AQUA-POUCH™ is the result of that endeavor. It is everything I have been looking for and hopefully you will think so also.

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