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Bargain Bin

Bargain Bin
The Bargain Bin is where we put products that we, or the manufacturer, have discontinued. The prices only pertain to the items in the Bargain Bin! We only have a limited stock on some of these items and when they are gone, they are gone. Enjoy and get some products at real low prices! NO RETURNS!

NOTE: If you try to add a product to your shopping cart and it does not show up, it is already sold out and permanently out of stock!


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This little powerhouse delivers a surprising blast of light given its compact size. The high output Xenon bulb will burn 3 hours, with a focused wide beam, on 2-AAA alkaline batteries. The convenient, built in clip allows you to attach it to your hat for hands-free illumination. 

Power: 14 Lumens. Dimensions: 3-1/4" x 1-1/8". Wt. 1.5 oz. Waterproof to 100 meters.

15020/21/22 - Princeton Tec® Blast- $8.00


550 Cord

This is Type III, 7 strand Commercial, 550 Cord (also called parachute cord). This is not seconds or odd lots. It is made here in America by a certified U.S. Defense Department manufacturer. It's ideal for many survival purposes such as lashing to make shelters, etc. The shroud is made of continuous filament nylon. It has seven inner lines which can be removed and used for fishing line, sewing, making nets, lashing, or many other purposes. Length: 50'. Tensile Strength: 550 lbs..


Product Made in America

Caution Parachute Cord is

18011 - Prachute Cord - Rescue Orange - $3.50

Acrylic Watch caps



As we know, heat loss through radiation from the head and neck should always be avoided, especially in a survival situation. It is a good idea to always keep a watch cap in your survival kit. Our 100% Acrylic are not as tight a weave as the wool, are available in Black or Blaze Orange, and are also made in the U.S.A.

Product Made in America

Watch Cap - 100% Acrylic - $3.50


SR T-Shirt

We are have new T-Shirts using our new logo and some other interesting stuff, so we are blowing these out of stock for $8.00 each until gone!

This is a high quality T-Shirt made from Ultra Heavy Weight 100% cotton. Orange printing on a black shirt. One side, front printed. Your Survival Begins Here!

10020 - Logo T-Shirt - Orange on Black - $8.00 (Until Current Stock Is Gone)


Leatherman Skeletool Multi-Tool

The Leatherman® Skeletool® multi-tool is stripped down to the bare essence. It combines high performance, light weight and futuristic, rugged good looks! At a mere five ounces, it has a 420HC stainless steel combo blade, needlenose/regular pliers, wire cutters, bit driver with four bits (#1 and #2 Phillips and 3/16" and 1/4" flathead), carabiner/bottle opener, and a removable pocket clip. The knife blade opens with the Skeletool® in the closed position, and locks open. The sculptured handles protect the blade and implements and the various holes minimizes weight. The stainless steel construction will provide years of dependable service and each implement is heat-treated to optimal hardness for its function. The Skeletool® is compatible with the Leatherman® Bit Driver Extender & Bit Set (see below). Measures 4" closed and weighs 5.0 oz. For more information and many more photos, CLICK HERE.

Product Made in America

16610 - Leatherman® Skeletool® Multi-Tool - $42.95  


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The BlastMatch® is a firestarter that is operable with one hand in case of injury. It generates a stream of sparks three times the heat of a standard match and easily will light any material that a match will ignite. You can accurately aim the sparks to ignite a fire in any weather condition. It contains a custom bar of high performance flint material, which is spring loaded for compactness, and rotates 360 degrees to help prevent uneven wear and tear. A tungsten carbide striker built into the striker button is set at the perfect angle for maximum sparking. Available in Black or Orange. Measures 4" long, closed, and weighs 2.7 oz.

12007 - BlastMatch™ - $15.95


This is an all weather fire starting system and has a 1/2" flint rod that will last a life time. The system combines in one compact, durable package, a special alloy flint bar, hardened steel striker, and a tinder cube included in the handle. Scraping the striker down the flint generates a spark three times as hot as a standard match. Dimensions: 5" long. Wt. 3.7 oz.

12006 - Strike Force® - $18.95


Gamma Seal Lids


The Gamma Seal® Lid transforms virtually any 12" diameter (3.5 - 7 gallon) spackle or paint bucket into an easy opening, airtight, pest-proof storage container. A re-sealable screw lid provides airtight protection for the contents. Works great for bulk storage of grains and cereals, as well as keeping equipment dry for rafters and canoeists. Stackable. We offer the Gamma Seal® Lids in three colors: White, Black, and Orange. They measure 12.25" x 1-5/8" and Weight 1 lb. 2.5 oz.

Product Made in America

26201-03 - Gamma Seal Lid - $9.95



Adventure Opti SteriPen Solar

The smallest, lightest SteriPEN®, uses a revolutionary optical eye to sense water. The patent-pending technology ensures safe use and provides purification in even the coldest of waters. It works fast, taking just 48 seconds for 16 ounces, and 90 seconds for 32 oz.! The new optical sensor doubles as a convenient LED flashlight. It's a great back-up light when taking a night-time walk to refill your water bottle. The flashlight mode is activated by pressing and holding the single button down for 3 seconds. The clear lamp cover focuses the LED light. The Adventure Opti is available with or without a solar charging case.

Without the case, the Adventure Opti includes 2 non-rechargeable (disposable) CR123 batteries and a neoprene case with belt loop. This device works with containers with a minimum 1.75" diameter (such as a Nalgene bottle). Weighs 3.6 oz. with batteries and measures 6" x 1.5" x 1". Battery life (disposable) approx. 100 treatments).

The Adventure Opti with Solar Charging Case allows you to enjoy all the features of the Adventure Opti with the freedom of being able to recharge the batteries with the solar charging case. The solar charging clamshell case pulls double duty, recharging the included double-cell rechargeable CR123 lithium battery, and providing a handy, secure storage for the purifier. Simply clip the charging case onto a backpack or set it on the ground and aim it towards the sun to recharge the double-cell battery. The empty solar charging case weighs 6.8 oz. The solar panel recharges 1 double-cell battery in 2-5 days, depending on solar conditions. The battery can also be recharged via the included plug-in power adapter in 4-6 hrs.

17240 - SteriPEN® Adventure - $74.95


Brunton Instructor's Kit

This instructor's kit will help you impart skills and enthusiasm for personal navigation to your students. Kit handles 12 students. It features:

* Map & compass curriculum CD
* "ABC's of Compass & Map" DVD
* 12 9020G Brunton compasses with instruction manuals
* Instructor study guide * Reproducible student workbook
* Educational wall poster
* 6"x9" 9020G overhead instructor compass
* Soft case with custom foam insert

13110 - Brunton Classic Instructor's Kit - 12 Students - (Was $175.95 - Now) $118.95

Survival Bracelets


A Para-Cord Survival Bracelet is more than just cool looks. These bracelets are an easy way to carry extra parachute cord with you at all times. If a survival situation occurs, you can take the bracelet apart which will provide you emergency cordage! All of our Para-Cord Survival Bracelets are made here in the USA by The Para-Cord Guy, and are constructed from Type-III Commercial, 7 inner strand, 550 lbs. test, Parachute Cord. They are made with a tight Cobra Weave with a 3/8" black side release buckle. The ends of the para-cord are securely seared off so they will not come loose during wear. However, they can be taken apart in an emergency so you can use the para-cord. The Small uses approx. 5-6 feet of para-cord, the Medium uses approx. 6-7 feet of para-cord, the Large uses approx. 7-8 feet of para-cord, and the Extra Large uses approx. 8-9 feet of para-cord.

We offer our Survival Bracelets in four colors and four sizes. They measure as follows:

- Small: 3/4" wide x 6.5" long.
- Medium: 3/4" wide x 7.5" long.
- Large: 3/4" wide x 8.25" long
- X-Large: 3/4" wide x 9.25" long.

Para-Cord Survival Bracelet - Olive Drab - $5.50
Para-Cord Survival Bracelet - Black - $5.50
Para-Cord Survival Bracelet - Coyote Brown - $5.50
Para-Cord Survival Bracelet - Blaze Orange - $5.50


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The 7-1/2 in. Cyalume FlexBand is the ideal emergency marker. FlexBands can be placed on wrist, stretchers, door knobs, tree branches or anywhere a marker is needed. Combine FlexBands together to mark larger areas. Lightweight and durable, FlexBands can be included in all survival, rescue, and emergency preparedness kits. Available in Orange only.

Product Made in America 

Cyalume Flexbands - 3 pack - $3.00