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Emergency Information Wristbands


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The Emergency Information Wristband is Subdued with Gray Printing on Black.

When the time comes to evacuate your home because of an emergency, or bug-out as some call it, you will want to be sure that you have a way to discreetly carry your emergency information. This could include information such as copies of your identification cards or licenses, medical records, insurance information, and the account numbers and contact information for your charge cards, to name just a few.

The Emergency Information Wristband is a discreet way for you to carry that information! Our wristbands are made from a pliable Silicone material so they are not stiff or uncomfortable to wear. They contain a 4 GB USB Flash Drive that can hold a lot of your information. They will fit any wrist up to 8-3/8 inch in circumference.

We didn't want anything printed on the wristband that might give away its purpose of concealing your important emergency information. After some thought, we used a play on words and had "IN MEMORY" printed on them. This let's you know that your important information is in the memory of your wristband. For others who might see it and ask, you can tell them you wear the wristband "IN MEMORY" of someone you loved that passed on. This helps keep the fact you have your emergency information discreetly concealed "IN MEMORY" on your wrist.

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Worn on the wrist, your information is discreetly hidden "IN MEMORY"

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The 4 GB USB Flash Drive is discreetly concealed on the underside of the wristband.

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Made from a pliable Silicone material, they are not stiff or uncomfortable to wear.

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The underside of the wristband conceals a 4 GB USB Flash Drive.

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The wristband simply plugs together securely holding on your wrist and concealing the Flash Drive.

When you don't need to wear your wristband you can keep it hanging on your evacuation kit or bag. When you grab your bag your information will always be with you. Place it on your wrist and be assured you won't lose your information. If you wish to further secure your information, there are various password protect and encryption programs available on the web. Check them out if you want additional protection.

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Hang your wristband on your evacuation kit or bug-out bag so it is there when an evacuation occurs.

Why carry your important information in a file folder or envelop where it can be lost or stollen. Back up your Emergency Information on our discreet Emergency Information Wristband so you have it when you need it!

26422 - Emergency Information Wristband - $14.95