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NOTE: We like to make sure that we only ship fresh, unexpired, food products to our customers. Therefore, on occasion, the food portion of your order may take additional time. If you need your order shipped quickly, please contact us to ensure the items you order are currently in stock.



OvaEasy Egg Crystals are great for making scrambled eggs, omelets and anything that requires fresh eggs, even baking! Simply add water to these crystals and you're ready to cook. We have even made scrambles egg sandwiches, and they were great. OvaEasy Egg Crystals are a delicious, all-natural dried egg that tastes just like fresh eggs. They are all-natural, pure whole egg and requires no refrigeration until prepared. Each package contains the equivalent of 1 dozen eggs, and weighs 4.5 oz. Shelf life is a minimum of 2.5 years with no refrigeration.

27120 - OvaEasy Egg Crystals - $9.50  


AlpineAire Foods is a pioneer in the outdoor foods marketplace, with a reputation for excellence surpassed only by its distinction for outstanding taste. Most of their products may be prepared in their pouches by just adding water. Unlike many other recreational food products, their generous serving sizes are realistically gauged to the expectation of hungry adventurers. They use an oxygen absorber to maintain freshness. These products can be used for quick lunches or dinners and with so many selections, variety is never a problem. Shelf life of most pouches is two to four years. Recipes containing shrimp, tuna, brown rice, nuts and dairy products have a shelf life of one to two years.

AlpineAire Meals

Product Made in America

CLICK HERE to see the individual AlpineAire meals available and a brief description of each.

Mountain House

Mountain House, a division of Oregon Freeze Dry, Inc, has been a backpacking favorite since the 1960's. The Mountain House product line consists of over 58 selections, including single-serve, double-serve and four-serve entrée's. The most popular sellers are our double-serve entrée's, which includes over 25 flavors to choose from.

Mountain House Meals

Product Made in America

CLICK HERE to see the individual Mountain House meals available and a brief description of each.



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The Datrex 2400 Calorie Emergency Rations are individually wrapped, highly concentrated food bars.  They are vacuum packed in a foil-polymer hybrid package.  This top-level protective packaging is certified to keep the contents fresh for at least 5 years in even the harshest environments.  Baked and packaged in America at FDA certified facilities, there are 12 individually wrapped 200 calorie bars in each vacuum sealed foil package.

We have tested food bar emergency rations from various companies and it is our opinion that the Datrex 2400 Calorie Emergency Rations are the best on the market, and we highly recommend them for Survival Kits, Get-Home Bags, Bug-Out Bags, Vehicle Emergency Kits, and Disaster Survival Kits. These food bars have a pleasant "cookie" like flavor and texture. It should be noted that we found that they easily crumble once a portion is opened, so be careful that you hold your hand or something under the bar so you don't lose any of the precious calories.

Many companies have six unwrapped portions in one package. The Datrex 2400 Calorie Emergency Rations package contains 12 separately wrapped portions with 200 calories per portion. Even after you open the main foil package, the remaining portions remain sanitary and clean until they are consumed. Although the Main package has a five year shelf life from the date of manufacture, once the package is opened, we suggest you consume the remaining portions within a couple of days.

Although there are larger packages available, such as 3600 calories, we elected to only sell the 2400 Calorie package. The larger packages, cost the same when prorated, and you will have to eat the entire package in several days. It is better, in our opinion, to have several packages of the 2400 calories, and only open them as needed.

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Vegetable Shortening, Cane Sugar, Water, Coconut flavor and Salt. (Peanut Products Free). Each package includes 12 individually wrapped 200 calorie food bars. Package weight: 17oz / 482g (approx). Withstands temperatures of -22F to 149F.

27400 - Datrex 2400 Calorie Emergency Rations - $6.95

The following Items May Help You With Emergency Canned Food Stuffs


Vargo Scork

The Vargo SCORK is unique new eating tool. It is a spoon/fork on one end and a can opener on the other. Although it is great for backpacking, bug-out bags, and camping, you might also want to keep one with your emergency canned foods. It allows you to both open the cans and eat the food. Made of high quality polished stainless steel. Measures 6-5/8" long and weighs 1.1 oz.

22036 - Vargo SCORK - $6.95  

P-38 & P-51 CAN OPENER

P-38 & P-51 Can Openers

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The P-38 and P-51 can openers are a must have for an emergency if you need to open cans. The P-38 was originally developed in 1942 and was issued to U.S. troops so they could open canned C-rations. Later a larger model was developed, called the P-51 which is easier to use because of its larger size. The P-51 is ideal for those #10 cans used in emergency preparedness freeze dried food. Don't be caught without a can opener when an emergency situation occurs. Both the P-38 and the P-51 come in a two pack. Carry one on your key ring, and one in your BOB (Bug-Out Bag), so you are always prepared.

22034 - P-38 Can Opener - 2 Pack - $1.00
22035 - P-51 Can Opener - 2 Pack - $1.40