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Hygiene Products


These solar showers are great for emergencies. As long as you have sun, you can enjoy a warm shower in the wilderness. Or if you are out of electric at home, warm the water outside in the sun and then use in your own shower at home. See below for the various sizes available.

Solar Shower 26320


Solar Shower 26322


Solar Shower 26324


Product numbers 26320 & 26322 are made by Seattle Sports and are called the Solar Camp Shower. They are available in 2.5 Gallon and 5 Gallon models. They are made of PVC-free black PEVA and the water reservoir is heavy duty yet lightweight for easy packing. The dull black color absorbs heat to warm water in approximately three hours. A push-pull valve on hose is easy to use, allowing you to turn water off quickly. A sturdy plastic handle offers convenient toting and durability and the hanging strap is adjustable.

26320 - Seattle Sports 2.5 Gal. Solar Camp Shower - $27.95
26322 - Seattle Sports 5 Gal. Solar Camp Shower - $29.95

Product number 26324 is made by Texsport® and is made from lightweight PVC and holds 5 Gallons of water. It has four mesh pockets on the front for shower accessories.

26324 - Texsport® 5 Gal. Jumbo Camp Shower - $11.95


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Rothco's Microfiber Towels are super absorbent & fast drying. These lightweight towels are compact and easy to store, feature a convenient hang strap with snap, and measure a large 30" x 50". These are ideal for camping, backpacks, bug-out bags, evacuation kits, or anyplace you might need to have a towel handy to dry off. They fold or roll down to a convenient size for storage. Available in Coyote Brown and OD Green.

Rothco Microfiber Towel - $14.99


Alt Tag HereAlt Tag HereLightload Beach

The only beach towels that fit in your pocket. The world renowned Lightload Beach Towels are the only towels that are survival tools. They measure a large 30" wide x 60" long. Use them as a towel, wash cloth, fire starter, first aid supplement, diaper, and more. They pack down to 3.5" in diameter and and are only 1" thick. They’re great for packing in tight spaces like packs, pouches and suitcases. They weigh a mere 4.5 oz so are very helpful where weight is a concern like in travel or backpacking. Waterproof packaging covers each piece so you always have a clean dry cloth which is good for hygiene, personal care and first aid. The material is 100 percent viscose and made from cellulose (not an oil-like microfiber) and acts as a sponge and absorbs up to nine times its weight in water. Add water to the towel or start wiping water off of you to soften and open easier. You can reuse them. Colors of the towels are assorted. Size: 30" x 60" and weigh 4.5 oz.

18278 - Lightload Beach Towel - $7.50



Lightload Towels open

Lightload Survival Towels are the only hand towels that are essential survival tools! They fit anywhere, go anywhere and do everything to help you survive in the outdoors. So tiny, they fit in your first aid kit, toiletry kit, backpack, pocket, almost anywhere! And their durable water-proof packaging keeps them dry, fresh and clean - ready for use whenever you need them. They open in just seconds into a sturdy double-sized hand towel that is super absorbent and super soft. Use them as a towel, wash cloth, fire starter (I find if you scrape a portion with the blade of a knife if provides fine fibers that ignite with a Ferro rod), first aid supplement, dew collector, bandana, and more. They're great for packing in tight spaces like survival kits and small pouches. The material is 100 percent viscose and made from cellulose (not an oil-like microfiber) and acts as a sponge and absorbs up to nine times its weight in water. Add water to the towel or start wiping water off of you to soften and open easier. You can reuse them. Colors of the towels are assorted.  Available in 12" x 12" and 12" x 24".

Check out our video review

Lightload Survival Towels

Adventure Bath Wipes



The Adventure® Bath Wipes are a must for all Evacuation Kits, Bug-Out Bags, and Backpacks. Adventure® Bath Wipes feature thick, soft and gentle pre-moistened towels to clean, disinfect, and deodorize the body. Each wipe contains a unique formula that includes Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Witch Hazel Astringent that will leave skin feeling refreshed and moisturized. Adventure Bath Wipes are great for camping, backpacking, hiking, bike riding, and all other outdoor activities. They are available in two sizes: 8 - 8" x 5" wipes per package, or 8 - 8" x 8" wipes per package. Throw a couple of these in each of your kits and you will always be able to stay clean!

AMK - Adventure® Bath Wipes



In the 1960's Campsuds became the first biodegradable, multi-purpose cleaner created specifically to meet the needs of the camper, backpacker and adventure traveler. Since then it has been carried to every corner of the planet by three generations of outdoor enthusiasts. Compact, versatile, hard working, convenient and environmentally safe, Campsuds has many imitators, but remains the market leader today. Works equally well in cold water -- salt water too! Just a few drops will handle any cleaning job. Strong enough for dishes and clothes, yet gentle enough for body and hair. Made from natural vegetable-derived ingredients with natural essential oil fragrance. Makes a great helper around the house too and Emergency Preparedness! Packaged in a 4 oz. Leak-Proof Nalgene bottle, so you can trust that it won't leak!

26326 - Campsuds - 4 oz. Nalgene - $6.95

72 HR. - BUG-OUT

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For many emergencies, you will be able to Bug-In at your home. But if the time ever comes when you need to leave the comfort of your home and Bug-Out, you'll want your 72 Hr. - Bug-Out Bag ready to go! Although there are many different types of items you need in that bag that can support you for at least 72 hrs. One thing that is often forgotten is a Personal Hygiene Kit. It is important to have those items that will help you take care of your personal hygiene for 72 hrs. So Survival Resources has developed a self-contained Personal Hygiene Kit that can be placed in a Bug-Out bag and ready when you need it. It is contained in a small 4" x 5" 4 mil. zip-closure bag and will fit in any size bag or pack you choose.

It contains 1. Comb, 1. Bar Soap, 1. Tooth Brush, 1. Toothpaste, 2. 18" Dental Floss, 1. Conditioning Shampoo. 5. Cotton Swabs, 2. Antibacterial Hand Wipes, and 1. 17" x 12" Lightload Towel.

Add one of our packages of Compact Toilet Paper and your hygiene needs should be taken care of.

For A Product Video Review, more photos, and refills CLICK HERE.

26330 - 72 Hr. - Bug-Out Personal Hygiene Kit - $3.75  


Pee-Wee Potable Urine Bags PackagedAlt Tag Pee-Wee Potable Urine Bag

The safe, sanitary convenient, unisex, fully biodegradable way to 'pee' "when plumbing's not available®". Use it, seal it, and toss it in normal household trash. Pee-Wee should be in every glove-box, emergency kit, backpack, and personal pack, as well as in reach of those with stress incontinence and increased frequency and urgency due to health issues. Let Pee-Wee free you from planning life around proximity to the toilet. Each Includes a Pee-Wee unisex urine bag & Poo Powder® waste gelling/deodorizing agent.


Slip resistant unisex collar can be used by adults or children.
Snap-close bag - no spills, no contact.
Gels 24 oz. of liquid waste.
Biodegradable dispose in normal trash.

26310 - Pee-Wee® Portable Urine Bags (3 Pack) - $6.95


Go Anywhere Toilet Kit PackagedGo Anywhere Toilet Kit Contents

The most sanitary, safe, environmentally-friendly, portable toilet solution available-complete with toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Prevents spread of disease with no spills, splash backs or waste contact. Our toilet kit is the ONLY biodegradable solution that traps, encapsulates, deodorizes and breaks down waste with a NASA-developed gelling agent. Use it, seal it, and toss it in normal trash.

Each Kit Includes: Waste bag, Poo Powder® gelling/deodorizing agent, Secure puncture-resistant zip-close disposal bag, Individual toilet paper, and a Hand wipe.


Each waste kit gels up to 32 oz. making it a multiple use bag, lowering the cost per use.
32 oz. is a full quart and 40% more than other products.
Indefinite dry shelf life.

26312 - Go Anywhere Toilet Kit® - $3.95


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Women no longer have to take life sitting down! GoGirl allows women the convenience of standing up to go to the bathroom. It's made from medical-grade silicone and provides women with a hygienic option when camping, during emergencies, or for those "not-so-clean" bathrooms. If a woman has a Bug-Out Bag, she should have one of these in it. It comes in a compact storage tube and includes a disposable storage baggie and two tissues. Available in Pink or Khaki.

GoGirl Female Urination Device - $10.00  

Compact Toilet Paper


This is a great item, and a perfect size, to have in a Survival Kit, Evacuation Kit (Bug-Out Bag), Back Pack, or anywhere you might need toilet paper. 100% biodegradable, 100% recyclable, single-ply toilet paper twice as thick as its predecessor (Bio-Wipe Toilet Paper). This coreless roll of toilet paper offers 150 sheets packaged in a plastic wrapper. Also great for campers or backpackers.

26316 - Compact Toilet Paper - $0.80


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Remember one of the most important sanitation basics when you develop your preparedness plan - a portable toilet. The Luggable Loo® Seat & Cover snaps on and allows you to turn any 5 gallon spackle or paint bucket into a toilet. We could sell you the bucket, but why spend the shipping cost when you can get one at Home Depot®? These are great for at home, the cabin, or even camping. See Double Doodie bags below. (Bucket not Included)

26302 - Luggable Loo Seat & Cover - $13.95



Tired of having to clean or throw away your bucket after you finish your business? Well now, Double Doodie Toilet Bags with Bio-Gel is the perfect solution. They turn liquid waste into a solid gel. They are a sealable, leak-proof outer bag sealed to an inner waste bag containing a Bio-Gel waste gelatin. Compatible with most portable toilets. These are ideal for easy, no-mess waste disposal and carry out. 6 per box.

26307 - Double Doodie Bags w/Bio-Gel - $15.95


Alt Text 1

Fold-To-Go Collapsible Toilet Assembled.

Alt Text 2

Shown with Double Doodie Bag attached.

Alt Text 1

Front View Folded.

Alt Text 2

Side View Folded.

Alt Text 2

Back View Folded.

If you are looking for something a little more substantial for a portable toilet for your sanitation preparedness plan, or when space is a concern, get the Fold-To-Go Collapsible Toilet. This collapsible portable toilet folds down to just 5 inches and weighs only 5lbs. It has an integrated handle, making it easy to carry. It also boasts an innovative leg locking system, making it one of the sturdiest portable toilets around. The Fold-To-Go has an impressive weight capacity and is great for camping, RV’s, hunting, boating, and emergency preparedness. This unit is ideally suited to be used with the Double Doodie bag bagging system (above). Comes with 1 free Double Doodie bag. Length: 14.5" Width: 4.5" Height: 14.5" Weight: 4.50lbs.

26309 - Fold-To-Go Collapsible Toilet - $39.95