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Mako Ti Pocket Tool by Leatherman

Leatherman Mako Ti

The Mako™ Ti Pocket Tool by Leatherman® is a single-piece, multi-purpose tool constructed from Titanium. Although it was originally designed for bicycles (I must admit that I have one in the tool kit under the seat on my mountain bike), it is perfect for EDC (Everyday Carry). It can be used to tighten screws, loosen bolts, adjust bicycle spokes, and popping the top off beverages! It's also TSA-compliant so there is no need to worry about it when you board your next flight.

Leatherman Mako Ti Features

The above diagram shows the features on the Mako™ Ti by Leatherman.

Leatherman Mako Ti frontLeatherman Mako Ti Back

The front of the Mako™ Ti Pocket Tool offers a 1/4" hex bit holder and a bottle opener that can also be used to turn 1/4" hex bits. The back of Mako™ Ti has a lanyard whole and a 14g and 15g spoke wrench.

Leatherman Mako Ti Bits

The center of the tool has two rubberized bit holders for 1/4" hex bits. The front side has a #2 Phillips and a T25 Torx bit. The back side has a 6mm and 8mm Allen Head bit.

Leatherman Mako Ti Center and Bits

When the bits are removed from the Mako™ Ti, the front provides a 9mm box wrench and the rear provides a 8mm and 10mm box wrench.

Leatherman Mako Ti Fixing Spokes

For those who actually have a bicycle, the spoke wrench is real handy. This tool is small and light, so whether you have one in your pocket, or in your bicycle tool kit, the Mako™ Ti Pocket Tool by Leatherman® is a very versatile and useful tool. Measures 3.5" and weighs 1.4 oz.

Product Made in America

16037 - Mako™ Ti Pocket Tool by Leatherman® - $32.95