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Medicinal Plants

 Medicinal Plants and Herbs  Eastern/Central North America

Medicinal Plants and Herbs
Eastern/Central North America

By Steven Foster & James A. Duke

This new edition features more than 300 new photos. Unlike the previous edition, where photos are bunched up in a four-color section in the middle, this edition places the photos (often more than one for a particular species, showing the plant in both flowering and fruit stages) directly with the text on each plant. This added convenience is immeasurable, as any field botanist or weekend hiker will attest. This edition covers more than 500 of the 800-plus plants that grow in the eastern U.S., and have been documented to provide some medicinal use. Measures 7-1/4" x 4-1/2" with 411 pages.

23403 - Medicinal Plants and Herbs - Eastern/ Central North America - $18.00

 Medicinal Plants and Herbs  Western North America

Medicinal Plants and Herbs
Western North America

By Steven Foster & Christopher Hobbs

This is the most complete work on the medicinal plants of western North America. It offers the best information in the world on the nearly 500 species covered, much of it available for the first time. More than 530 color photographs illustrate the plants. An index to medical topics helps locate information on specific ailments. Symbols next to the plant descriptions provide quick visual warnings for poisonous and allergenic plants. Organized by flower color for fast identification, this guide is an essential aid to appreciating native plants and the wild areas they inhabit. Measures 7-1/2" x 4-3/4" with 442 pages.

23413 - Medicinal Plants & Herbs - Western North America - $21.00

 Botany In A Day

Botany In A Day

By Thomas J. Elpel

Although not an edible plant book per se, Botany in a Day is changing the way people are learning about plants. Instead of presenting individual plants, this book unveils the patterns of identification and uses among related plants, giving readers simple tools to rapidly unlock the mysteries of the new species they encounter. Instead of trying to identify plants one-at-a-time, this book gives you a way to learn them by the hundreds, based on the principle that related plants have similar patterns for identification, and they often have similar uses. Measures 11" x 8-1/2" with 221 pages.

23405 - Botany In A Day - $29.00

 Field Guide to Medicinal Wild Plants

Field Guide to Medicinal Wild Plants

By Bradford Angier

From Amaranth to Yucca, the family, common, and Latin names, history, distinguishing characteristics, area grown, and medicinal uses of 108 wild medicinals are individually illustrated in full color for easy identification. Included are the wild medicinals of North America first used by the American Indians. Their medical practices, along with those of the early pioneers, have had considerable influence on the medicine, healing, and pharmacology of today's world. Measures 8-1/4" x 5-1/2" with 320 pages.

23404 - Field Guide to Medicinal Wild Plants - $19.00