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Misc. Books

 The Book of Outdoor Knots

The Book of Outdoor Knots

By Peter Owen

This meticulously illustrated handbook describes 70 of the most common knots for the outdoors, showing in clear, step-by-step line drawings each phase of the properly tied knot. Perhaps most important, the book explains precisely which knot to use in each specific situation. Knots of all kinds are covered: hitches for fastening rope to a fixed object, bends to connect two ropes, loops for a range of purposes, running knots, knots to shorten rope lengths, and others. Measures 5-1/2" x 8-1/4" with 144 pages.

23701 - The Book of Outdoor Knots - $14.00


The Outdoor Knots Book

By Clyde Soles

The definitive guide to rope and knots for anyone who plays in the outdoors. It provides guidelines for selecting the best rope and knots for the activity at hand. Includes over 40 knots. from the bowline and the figure-eight to the buntline hitch and the sheet bend. Easy-to-follow knot-tying directions, clearly illustrated with photos. Includes an extensive glossary for quick access to information. The book explains how to select and use rope, cordage, and webbing for the outdoors, along with the most popular knots used by hikers, campers, paddlers, and climbers. Measures 5-1/4" x 8-5/16" x 3/8" with 260 pages and numerous photos.

23703 - The Outdoor Knots Book - $14.00

Don't Forget the Duct Tape

Don't Forget The Duct Tape

By Kristin Hostetter

This is more than a book about Duct Tape! It provides Tips & Tricks for repairing and maintaining outdoor & travel gear. Whether you need to remedy a leak in your tent, nurse a cranky stove back to life, unclog a water filter, or revive gunked-up velcro, you'll find the solution here. Tips on what to include in your repair kit, duct tape dos and don'ts, and a new section on caring for technical wool garments and repairing softshell fabrics, single-wall tents, hydration systems, and more! Small enough to fit in a pocket or pack, it measures only 4" x 6" x 5/16" thick. 112 pages with drawings and diagrams.

23704 - Don't Forget The Duct Tape - $7.00

The Layers Of Life

The Layers Of Life

By John D. McCann

This book is a collection of essays, accompanied by black & white photographs, both of which the author utilizes to illustrate his observations about nature, living, and self-reliance. He describes his views and thoughts in a manner that is not only introspective and thought provoking, but often uses his words to paint a descriptive picture of his reflections, views, and feelings. The essays are light reading and provide you with a glimpse of the author's insightful perspective on the subject matter. This is a delightful little book for those times when you just want to escape the realities of everyday life.122 pages, softcover. This book is also available on Kindle with full color photos at

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23705 - The Layers Of Life- $9.95

A Matter of ControlA Matter of Control

By John D. McCann


This is John's second novel and is a Political Thriller including Domestic Terrorism, Self-Reliance, and even some wilderness survival. It is a 5.25" x 8" soft cover edition and is 336 pages.

The Back cover states: A political thriller that seems to have been born from the headlines of today. The controlling power behind the government is frustrated by Americans who believe they should be able to be self-reliant, and not dependent on government and big business. They believe the government needs to label them domestic terrorists and stop their efforts. After all, it is A Matter of Control!

It is available on in Print HERE and Kindle HERE.

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23707 - A Matter of Control - $14.00

WakeUpCallWake-Up Call

By John D. McCann

This is John's first novel and being about the lack of preparedness in an emergency situation, he is hoping his followers like it. It has been completely re-edited September 2015. Here's what it's about.

Todd Hamilton is jolted awake by an earthquake and things quickly go from bad to worse. Todd, and his wife Melissa, have done well in life until the earthquake rattles their world. Follow them for a day as they try to cope with being unprepared for an emergency situation, where money means nothing, and a radiation leak from a local nuclear power plant only adds to their problems. They quickly realize that their lack of preparedness was a big mistake. This book is also available on Kindle at

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23706 - Wake-Up Call - $10.00