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Navigation Books

UTM Using Your GPS with the
Universal Mercator Map Coordinate System

By John Carnes

UTM BookletGrid Plotter

This booklet is a great starting point for beginning GPS users and folks that want to learn about UTM, MGRS, and USNG coordinates. With lots of illustrations and step by step instructions, readers will be converting between map locations and UTM coordinates in no time! The booklet includes a 1:24,000 scale "Pocket Sized Grid Plotter" (see above) for use with 7.5 minute USGS topographical maps. This may be a small booklet (50 pages) but provides a wealth of information and great graphics!

Product Made in America

23206 - UTM - Using Your GPS with the UTM Map Coordinate System - by John Carnes - $7.00

 NOLS Wilderness Navigation

NOLS Wilderness Navigation

By Darran Wells

For wilderness travelers, good navigation ability can mean the difference between a successful day hike and an unplanned overnight stay. Based on the curriculum at the National Outdoor Leadership School, this book gives you the skills you need to confidently find your way on and off the trail. It includes navigational techniques, including trip planning, map reading, compass reading, compass & GPS travel, orienteering using the sun and stars, and use of an altimeter. Includes exercises to help develop the skills described. 30 B&W photos & 6 charts. 5-3/8" x 8-1/4".

23202 - NOLS Wilderness Navigation - $14.00

 Wilderness Navigation

Wilderness Navigation

By Bob & Mike Burns

Proceed with confidence when heading off-road or off-trail with the second edition of Wilderness Navigation. Whether you are climbing a glacier, orienteering in the backcountry, or on an easy day hike, this book covers all the latest technology and time-tested methods to help you learn to navigate - from how to read a map to compasses and geomagnetism. The GPS chapter is completely updated to reflect newer models and features. It is also expanded to include a section on route-finding on glaciers, along with additional information on changing declination. Includes extensive illustrated examples of orientation and navigation.

23203 - Wilderness Navigation - $13.50

 Be Expert With Map & Compass

Be Expert With Map & Compass

By Bjorn Hjellstrom

This new, enlarged edition includes everything the beginner needs to know about the increasingly popular sport of orienteering: understanding map symbols, traveling by map alone, by compass alone, or by map and compass together, finding bearings, sketching maps, and traveling in the wilderness. Other updated sections cover competitive Orienteering, how to join an Orienteering event or organize your own, and useful hints for competitive and wilderness Orienteering. Measures 8-1/4" x 5-1/2", with 220 pages.

23204 - Be Expert With Map & Compass - $23.00

 Using A Map & Compass

Using A Map & Compass

By Don Geary

What you need to get to wilderness areas are topographical maps, a compass, and the basic knowledge of how to use them. This is an ideal guide to using a map and compass, as well as safely exploring the outdoors while preserving the natural splendor of our wilderness areas. It includes reading a topographical map, using a compass, navigating in the field, planning an outing, and understanding the weather. It is a good basic book on the topic. 160 pages with 40 B&W photos and 37 drawings. 5" x 8".

23201 - Using a Map & Compass - $19.00