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Ranch Hand Multi-Tool

Ranch Hand Multi-Tool

The Ranch Hand Multi-Tool by Cattlemans Cutlery is a great little tool for survival kits or Everyday Carry (EDC)! It is small, only 4-3/4" long overall and provides you with pliers, an adjustable wrench, a 2-1/4" knife blade, and two bit drivers for the included 2 flat and 1 Phillips bits. The tool has a stainless belt clip to secure it in a pocket or tool pouch.

Ranch Hand Multi-Tool Pliers

The Pliers end has a locking lever which locks the pliers closed when not in use. When you pull the lever back, the pliers, being spring loaded, open automatically.

Ranch Hand Multi-Tool Adjustible Wrench

The Adjustable Wrench end allows the wrench to opened to a width of 10mm (3/8") for turning smaller nut and bolts.

Ranch Hand Multi-Tool with bit

The three Hex Bits store in the handle and are extracted by pushing them out the side with your finger tips. Once the back of the bit sticks out the side you can pull them out completely. They are retained in the handle with small spring loaded balls. It should be noted that the bits are the smaller 4mm bits, not the usual 1/4" Hex bits.

Ranch Hand bit in FrontRanch Hand bit in side

The Ranch Hand Multi-Tool has a bit driver at the front of the pliers for normal use, and a bit driver on the side of the pliers for greater torque. A magnet at the back of the bit driver holds the Hex bits in place.

Ranch Hand Knife

The tool provides a 2-1/4" knife blade which opens from the top side, but it does not have a locking blade.

Overall, I really like this tool, especially for small Everyday Carry (EDC) tool kits.

16042 - Ranch Hand Multi-Tool - Silver - $23.95