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Repair Gear


Outdoor Sewing KitOutdoor Sewing Kit Contents

When your gear fails - and it will - you better be ready! The Gear Aid Outdoor Sewing Kit provides you with the means to make those repairs, whether in the field or at home. It includes 1 Bobbin of #69 thread, 1 Seam Ripper, 2 #18 Sewing Needles, 2 #16 Sewing Needles, 1 #20 Black Button, 1 #24 Black Button, 3 Straight Pins, 2 Safety Pins, and 1 Thimble. Although the kit is compact, it provides room for you to add various other items you might desire. The tube measures 3-5/8" long x 1-1/8" diameter (the cap is 1-1/4" wide), and weighs only 0.7 oz.

18200 - Gear Aid Outdoor Sewing Kit - $9.95


Military Sewing Kit


This is the same sewing kit sold in Military PX's. It is as very small clam-shell pouch that will fit in any pack or kit, and is divided on the inside into three separate slip pouches (I have actually used this pouch on many occasions to build a mini survival kit in -John-). It contains folding scissors in the center section. The left side hold a package of various buttons (OD Green, Black, and small white), safety pins, straight needles, and sewing needles. The right section holds three large thread bobbins with Black, Khaki, and White Thread. This a nice little kit for a quick repair! Room to add those little extras. Measures 3.5" wide x 2.75 high x approx. 0.5" deep.

Military Sewing Kit - $8.95


UST ORange Duct Tape


Duct tape has hundreds of uses in emergency situations. These Mini Rolls of Orange Duct Tape are perfect for those survival or other applications when you want the color of your duct tape to stand out. They come in a 2-Pack and each roll measures 1.9" x 59". Easy to tear so no scissors of knife is needed. Strong and lightweight, these rolls are easy to carry and a great addition to any kit.

18107 - UST Mini Duct Tape Rolls - Orange - 2 Pack - $3.50

Mini DuctTape Rolls


One of the handiest and most versatile items for a survival kit, back- pack, vehicle emergency kit, or bug-out-bag, is duct tape. Of course, its use is only limited by your imagination. Easier to carry than the big rolls, these rolls are 2" wide x 50" long. They can be thrown in all of your kits. For wilderness excursions, or urban emergencies, you'll be glad you had some duct tape on you. Each package contains 2 rolls so you can spread them around.

18103 - Mini Duct Tape Rolls (2 pack) - $3.49



We are selling so many Pocket Tin Survival Kits we had to increase production of our Blaze Orange Duct Tape on backing, so we decided to sell them as refills for our kit or for use in any mini survival kit! Exclusively from Survival Resources, these Slim-Pak™ 6" strips of Blaze Orange Duct Tape come 6 strips to a pack (a total of 36"). Each strip is 2" wide (with backing) x 6" long. We leave 1/16" of backing on each side of the Duct Tape so you can easily peel the tape off the backing. They can be folded in half, folding them "duct tape in" so the backing protects the tape. Unlike some duct tape being offered, this is high quality 10mil duct tape with a substantial, peel off, backing. Again, you get 6 - 6" pieces per pack, for a total of 36".

Product Made in America

18102 - Slim-Pak™ Duct Tape - Orange (6 Pack) - $1.95

Handy DuctTape


This is a package of gray duct tape which has one continuous strip that is 1.97" wide x 2 yards long, with a peel off backing. Customize the length you need and the rest remains handy for another time. Great for emergencies when you're on the road and on the go, or you need a quick fix!

18106 - Handy Duct Tape - $1.95

Speedy Stitcher


The Speedy Stitcher is really a handy tool to around the house or the camp. It is a sewing awl that allows you to stitch material by hand. Each Stitcher comes with a straight and curved needle (which store inside the front of the Stitcher), bobbin of coarse thread, & instructions. A small needle and fine thread is available separately. Measures 4-3/4" long (without needle) x 1.5" Diameter. Wt. 3 oz.

Product Made in America

18073 - Speedy Stitcher - $8.95

18074/5 - Speedy Stitcher Straight Needle - $2.60

18076 - Speedy Stitcher Curved Needle - $2.60

18078 - Speedy Stitcher Fine Thread - 30 Yard - Tan - $2.25

18079 - Speedy Stitcher Coarse Thread - 30 Yard - Tan - $2.50


Slip-N-Snip Scissors

The Slip-N-Snip are great little scissors for all your repair kits. They DO-NOT fold, but are uniquely designed so that they slide together in the full open position. When in the closed position, the scissor blades are covered so you can't cut yourself when they are closed. With stainless surgical steel blades they are only 3-1/8" long when closed. Throw a pair in all your repair, survival and first aid kits!

Product Made in America

18135 - Slip-N-Snip Scissors - $7.50


Slip-N-Snip Scissors All Black

For the Tactical minded, these are All Black! The Slip-N-Snip are great little scissors for all your repair kits. They DO-NOT fold, but are uniquely designed so that they slide together in the full open position. When in the closed position, the scissor blades are covered so you can't cut yourself when they are closed. With stainless surgical steel blades they are only 3-1/8" long when closed. Throw a pair in all your repair, survival and first aid kits!

Product Made in America

18136 - Slip-N-Snip Scissors - All Black - $7.50


ComponentsIn Hand

The Miniature Screwdriver Set is great for small survival and repair kits, as well as EDC tool kits. The handle is anodized aluminum and is only 3-13/16" long by 3/8" diameter. A special brass chuck firmly holds the precision heat treated alloy steel screwdriver blades which conveniently store inside the handle. The handle has non-slip finger grip surfaces. It includes 3 straight blades (1.0-1.4-2.0mm) & 2 Phillips blades (1.4-2.0mm). Again, they are stored in the back of the handle with a screw on cap.

With Sewing Awl

It should be noted that this is the handle I used for a Sewing Awl in my book Build the Perfect Survival Kit. I simply took out one of the screwdriver blades and added a large sewing awl needle in the back. Although the needle does not come with this set, we do offer it below. Add one yourself, or even add a few small drill bits! -John-

Product Made in America

16052 - Miniature Screwdriver Set - $18.50

18075 - Straight Sewing Awl Needle - Large - $2.60

Stainless Screw Top Vials


This is a great little vial made from stainless steel, a screw top, and a pocket clip. It measures 3-1/4" long x 3/8" outside diameter (5/16" inside diameter) and is great for storing small items in a mini kit, or sewing needles (extra needles from our sewing awl under the Repair Gear section fit in this vial). Wt. .3 oz.

21040 - Stainless Screw Top Vial - $5.50


Number 00s

#00 Safety Pin - 24 Pack

Number 1s

#1 Safety Pin - 24 Pack


Mixed Bag - 12 Each

These are the safety pins we use in the various survival kits made by Survival Resources. We are always getting calls wanting to know if we sell the safety pins separately, so we have added them to our repair gear section. The smaller safety pin is a #00, measuring approx. 3/4" long, and is brass. The larger safety pin a #1, measuring approx. 1" long, and is nickel plated. You can buy a bag of 24 of either safety pin, or a mixed bag of 12 each.

18125 - #00 Safety Pins - 24 Pack - $1.75

18126 - #1 Safety Pins - 24 Pack - $2.25

18127 - Mixed Safety Pins - 24 Pack (12 of each) - $2.00


3" Brass Blanket Pin

All survival kits should have at least one blanket pin. These are 3" long Brass Blanket Pins and are great to use to hold a blanket closed around you. They are also great in a first aid kit for holding ace bandages! I have used them for various repairs, such as a broken zipper on a sleeping bag. Throw a couple in your kit and one day you will be glad you did! The photo above shows the pin larger than actual size to show details. Pin measures 3" long x 3/4" wide at widest dimension.

18130 - 3" Brass Blanket Pin - $1.25


Torx Tool

This is a great little tool for those who carry knives with Torx fasteners to attach handle scales, or change the position of pocket clips. This little tool includes a T6 & T8 Torx (6-lobed) bit, plus a Phillips head driver. All three bits can be stored in the handle which opens by screwing off the back. The front has a magnetized tip to hold bits once they are inserted. The handle is aluminum with a black Teflon® coating. A key ring is included for easy carrying. Handle measures 3-5/8" (4" with a bit in place) x 3/8" diameter (7/16" diameter at knurled portion). Weight 0.7 oz.

Product Made in America

16040 - Kershaw Torx Tool - $7.95