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SKP-24007 Survival Kit Pouch


Individual, Non-Expiring, Medium Waterproof Module

SKP-24007 Survival Kit Pouch

Designed, developed, and packaged by Survival Resources™, the SKP-24007 Survival Kit Pouch™ is an innovative approach to packaging survival kits. It is non-expiring, so it can be kept for years in a vehicle, plane, boat, cabin, or anywhere you might need a survival kit, without worrying about some of the components expiring. First, how did this come about?

Assembled in America


The SKP-24007 - Survival Kit Pouch™ got its start as a custom project for a client, who couldn't find a survival kit that they were interested in. We explained that we were designing a non-expiring survival kit, with the following self-imposed prerequisites. They were:

1. The Survival Kit had to contain high quality items.
2. The kit must contain more protection/shelter items than the usual small emergency blanket.
3. It had to be a non-expiring module (even if this required leaving out water purification, first aid items, and emergency rations, which could be added as additional modules).
4. The container had to be weatherproof, waterproof, and had to float.
5. The container must be clear so the contents could be seen when trying to extract an item.
6. It had to be reasonably pliable (some of the kits we had seen that were vacuum sealed were hard as a rock).

The client said, "If you can build it, we will buy it." We did, they did, and it has been so successful that we are now offering it on our site to everyone.


The survival kit is packaged in an extremely robust 5.2 mil. clear pouch, so you can see the items you are looking for, without having to dig around in a dark pouch or bag, or unpacking the whole kit. The pouch is completely sealed when you get it so the kit is weatherproof, waterproof, and floats. In order to access the pouch the first time, the top portion, above the zip closure is torn off. If the top is still intact, you know for certain the pouch has never been opened. The zip closure remains in place after opening, so the pouch can be resealed. Even the vinyl label was custom designed for the kit, being made to our specifications using a permanent adhesive.



1 - Mini-Match™ Firestarter

1 - Spark-Lite™ Firestarter - Orange

8 - Tinder-Quick™ Fire Tabs


1 - AMK Rescue-Flash™ Signal Mirror

1 - Fox 40® Micro Whistle - Orange


1 - Suunto Partner A-10 Baseplate Compass


1 - AMK 2 Person Heat Sheet

1 - Emergency Poncho

1 - Emergency Sunglasses

1 - Head-Net

1 - Survival Bandana

25' Type III, 7 Strand, Parachute Cord


1 - Fishing Kit, Emergency, Small

1 - 20' Brass Snare Wire


1 - Gerber LST Lock-Blade Knife

1 - Commando Wire Saw

1 - Folding Pocket Saw


1 - Emergency Survival Pocket Guide

1 - Fresnel Magnifier

1 - Duct Tape Flat Pack - 2" x 50" - Blaze Orange

1 - Waterproof Mini Notebook

1 - 4 Square Feet Aluminum Foil

1 - Vial with Sewing Needles & Sewing Awl

1 - Bobbin of Heavy Duty Sewing Thread

7 - Safety Pins - 3 #1 & 4 #00

1 - Golf Pencil

(Note: Individual components can be substituted for equal or superior quality items)


8 Tinder Quick Striker, Mini-Match, Spark LiteDual Fire Starter Kit

For Fire & Light, this kit contains our No. 12020 Dual Firestarter Kit™, which contains a Mini-Match™ magnesium firestarter which consists of a miniature magnesium rod with a built in flint rod and separate striker. The Mini-Match™ is a dependable, all weather, fire starter. An orange Spark-Lite™ is also included for one handed fire starting in the event one hand is injured. Eight (8) Tinder-Quick™ Fire Tabs are also enclosed to ensure you have dry, effective tinder when you need to start a fire. Tinder-Quick™ is an all-weather fire starter that even lights when wet. Each fire tab is specially treated to high standards to ensure the cotton is waterproof and provides more than adequate burn times for starting fires (each tab burns 2-3 minutes). The entire Dual Firestarter Kit is enclosed in a robust 4 mil zip-closure bag.


Rescue Flash Signal MirrorFox 40 Micro

For Signaling, this kit contains a Rescue-Flash™ Signal Mirror made of durable LEXAN® polycarbonate with a mil-spec retro-reflective aiming aid for one handed use. Visible over 20 miles, instructions are printed on the back. The mirror is contained in a clear protective sleeve, and is covered by a protective film to prevent scratches while stored in the survival kit. It also has a Lanyard hole. The kit also includes an orange FOX 40® Micro Whistle which is a Triple-frequency, extremely loud signaling whistle, and exceeds SOLAS and USCG specification.


SRI For Navigation, we have included a good quality Suunto Partner A-10. It features a ergonomically shaped clear base plate for easy map use, a fixed declination correction scale, and a snap-lock lanyard which enables the user to easily detach the compass from the lanyard.


This kit contains more Shelter & Protection components than most kits. If we could, we would have actually included a shelter, but because of size, we were limited. However, we are designing a large size kit that... well you never know! This kit does include the following:

AMK Heat-Sheet 2 Person Survival Blanket The Adventure Medical Kits Heat-Sheet 2 Person Survival Blanket is 20% larger than other blankets. It features a bright orange stripe, an easy to spot universal distress color, and has survival and first-aid instructions printed directly on it. It is compact and reflects 90% of radiated body heat. It measures 96" x 60" unfolded and weighs 3 oz.
Emergency Poncho This Emergency Poncho is small and light, yet is more than adequate to protect you from the rain. Made of polyethylene with a roomy attached hood, they are full cut for proper fit and one size fits all. They measure 52" x 80" and are orange in color.
Emergency Sunglasses These Emergency Sunglasses are ideal for any survival or travel safety kit. Ideal for preventing snow blindness during any winter activity, in the event your sunglasses are lost or broken. Can also protect eyes when on the water during bright sun. They have an adjustable cardboard temple and fold flat to store in the supplied envelope. One size fits all and they are good for more than one use.
Basic Headnet The Basic Head Net fits comfortably over most headwear. Fine mesh keeps mosquitoes and other insects out. It is elasticized at the neck for a snug fit. This is not "no-see-um" netting, but is aggressive against most insects, and is a good basic head net. Wear a hat to keep the netting off your face.
Parachute Cord Orange This kit includes a 25' hank of parachute cord. It is rescue orange, Type III, 7 strand, 550 Cord, made here in America by a certified U.S. Defense Department manufacturer. It's ideal for many survival purposes such as lashing to make shelters, etc. The shroud is made of continuous filament nylon. It has seven inner lines which can be removed and used for fishing line, sewing, making nets, lashing, or many other purposes. 550 lb. tensile strength. Made in USA.


For the purpose of collecting food in a survival situation, this kit includes the following:

Small Emergency Fishing Kit

Designed and packaged by Survival Resources for fresh water fishing, this Small Emergency Fishing Kit is a quality item made with name-brand components. It is housed in a Nalgene snap-cap vial measuring only 3-3/8" long by 1" in diameter, so it will fit in most small survival kits.

Many kits out there are provided with monofilament line which has terrible memory when you try to unwind it from a tight bobbin. This leaves you with a mess when you try to use it.

Therefore, we started our kit with 50' of Power-Pro® 20 lb. braided line, which can be wound on a bobbin without retaining memory.

Next, instead of adding a razor blade, we include an actual folding razor knife which can be closed for safety when not in use. We also include a 6" Berkley® Wire Wound Leader and 2 Eagle Claw Size 10 snelled hooks with leaders. A complete list of components is provided below:

(Note: Individual components can be substituted for equal or superior quality items)

A basic component of most survival kits is 24 Gauge Brass Snare Wire. 24 Gauge is strong, easily molded, and a good diameter for survival snaring. This kit contains 20' which, as a multi-purpose item , can also to secure a gill net, lashing and repairing items, etc.


As previously indicated, because this is a "non-expiring" survival kit, no water purification is included. However, the pouch the kit is packaged in will hold over 1 liter of water. This kit does include a survival blanket that can be used to collect rain water, a bandana that can be used to collect dew, plastic tubing which can be used to collect water from small depressions, and aluminum foil which can be used to fashion a cup, to boil water in, for purification purposes. However, as you will see below, we highly recommend that you add on a water purification module, such as the Aqua-Pouch™ Plus (item no.17204) which will be considered an "expiring" module.


For knives and tools, this kit contains the following items: Note: we highly recommend that you check local laws to determine if the knife included in this kit is legal.

Knives and tools from SKP-24007 Survival Kit Pouch

1. The Gerber® L.S.T. Folding Knife is a light , smooth, yet tough knife that features a stainless steel drop point blade, half checkered fiberglass filled nylon handle, with a lock-back, and lanyard hole. Blade measures 2.56". Knife closed measures 3.5" and overall length open is 6.13". Height (at highest part) is 3/8" and width (at widest part) is 1". Weight: 1.3 oz.

2. The folding Pocket Survival Saw is a pocket size utility and survival saw that uses a Swiss made 18 tpi High Speed Steel blade that is 2-3/4" long and tough enough to handle wood and metal cutting. Handle is made from medium impact plastic.

3. The commando wire saw is the strongest, most effective and versatile wire saw available. It will cut through wood, plastic, bone and even soft metals. It is constructed of 8 strands of interwoven stainless steel wire. Split ring handles swivel providing twist-free performance. It can also be used to make a bow saw, and will slide over itself, for use as an emergency snare, by placing the small ring through the larger ring.


A Fresnel Magnifier, which measures 2" x 3", and can be used as an additional firestarter on sunny days, or as a magnifier when glasses are lost or broken. It can be seen in the photo under "Knives & Tools" above.

Flat Pack Duct Tape For minor repairs, and a million other uses, a flat pack of blaze orange duct tape is included. It measures 2" wide x 50" long.

The kit contains a sewing kit in a vial, which includes a sewing awl needle, 1 sewing needle size #18, 2 sewing needles size #1, 3 safety pins #1, and 4 safety pins size #00. A bobbin or sewing thread is also included. It can be seen in the photo under "Knives & Tools" above.

Orange Survival Bandana The Survival Bandana provides some basic survival information including setting up a campsite, finding the North Star, some basic knots, hiking safety, first Aid, food safety, clothing and weather conditions, hydration and waterborne diseases, animal tracks, bear safety, Snake and scorpion bites, as well as some good tips for the hikers and campers. And it is all printed on a bright Orange bandana. Made in USA.

A golf pencil is also included, which can also be seen under "Knives & Tools" above.

Emergency Survival Pocket Guide The Emergency Survival Pocket Guide provides quick information for outdoor safety and survival to include Preparing for an emergency, essentials, a survival kit and first aid kit. A section on Surviving in the Wilderness includes general survival procedures, evacuation plans, signaling, procuring water, being lost, navigation, shelter, fire, procuring food and special climates. It also includes a large section on first aid. Measures 4" x 6" x 1/8" thick.
Rite in the Rain 371-M Mini Stapled Notebook The 371-M Mini Stapled Notebook is small enough to carry in your back pocket and is great for small survival kits. It measures only 3-1/4" x 4-5/8" and has a sturdy tag cover and 24 numbered pages (12 sheets). In addition to standard note taking, the "Universal" page pattern, which actually gives you faint grid lines, allows for map making, graphs or drawing.

The kit also includes 4 square feet of aluminum foil. It can be used to in and many other uses.


Besides the Emergency Survival Pocket Guide, described above, a sheet is included with directions for use for the more major components. It is folded so that a "List of Components" can be clearly observed through the back of the pouch.


As previously indicated, this kit does not include first aid. We highly recommend that one of our AMK Ultra Light first aid kits be purchased as an "Expiring" module.


Again, no emergency food has been included in this kit because they expire. You can check our food section to include emergency rations. However, they also expire.


This concludes the contents of the SKP-24007™ - Survival Kit Pouch. As you can see, it contains more components than the normal survival kit. The Survival Kit Pouch measures 7" wide x 6" high x 2-1/4" thick. It weighs 1 lb. 6 oz.

Assembled in America

24007 - Survival Kit Pouch™, Non-Expiring, Med. Waterproof Module - $139.95

We would highly recommend that you also purchase a water purification module and a first aid kit, which should both be carried with the SKP-24007 Survival Kit Pouch™. In this manner, you can replace the expiring modules, without having to open the Survival Kit Pouch™. The following are suggested expiring modules that you might consider adding:

17204 - The AQUA-POUCH™ PLUS - Water Purification Kit - $10.95

First Aid Kits


It should be noted that all survival situations are inherently dangerous and INJURY or DEATH is always a possibility, even when prepared. The purchase or use of the Survival Resources™ Pocket Tin Survival Kit™ cannot guarantee your survival or prevent injuries. Because any survival situation can expose you, or someone with you, to hazards or risks that may result in harm, personal injuries, or death, Survival Resources™ does not guarantee that the use of this kit will prevent any of these risks. The purchaser or user assumes all risks and Holds Harmless, Survival Resources™, for any use or misuse of equipment included in this kit, or for any harm, damage, personal injuries or death as a result of the use of this equipment or as a result of the survival situation. This survival kit is for survival purposes only. The items provided in this kit cannot deal with all survival circumstances a person may find themselves in during a survival situation. USE SURVIVAL EQUIPMENT AND TECHNIQUES AT YOUR OWN RISK. Check local laws to determine if the knife included in this kit is legal.