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Self Reliance Books

Practical Self-Reliance Cover

Practical Self-Reliance -

Reducing Your Dependency On Others

By John D. McCann

Whether you live in the city, suburbs, or country, you can practice self-reliant methods of living. This is not a book on bushcrafting or wilderness survival. This book is an in depth look at practical ways you can reduce your dependency on others, and work towards a life of self-reliance. It includes sections on obtaining, preserving, storing, and preparing food, recycling and repurposing, skills and tools of the trade for self-reliance, getting out of debt, the importance of water, lighting and alternative power, sanitation and hygiene, staying warm and cool, transportation options, and more. For anyone who wants to work towards being self-reliant, this book, with 325 pages and over 250 photos (full color on the Kindle Edition, available at, and black and white in the Print Version) and diagrams, offers many helpful suggestions and ideas.

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23918 - Practical Self-Reliance - $19.00

 Extreme Simplicity - Homesteading in The City

Extreme Simplicity - Homesteading in The City

By Christopher & Dolores Lynn Nyerges

Extreme Simplicity: Homesteading in the City, by Christopher and Dolores Lynn Nyerges, is a book where the authors describe their efforts to practice "living lightly on the earth," even in their small suburban Los Angeles home. The book describes their efforts to do "integral gardening" on every bit of usable land, to produce food (for people and wildlife), medicines, fragrance, shade, and useful tools. They describe how they went about raising earthworms, chickens, rabbits, bees, a goose, a pig, and their dogs in their typical back yard. The Nyerges' also take the reader along their journey to installing a wood fireplace, solar water heating, and a solar electric system. Though there is much "how to" in this book, it is full of personal stories and rich reading of the learning they experienced along the way. There is a section on recycling, and a unique section about the economics of self-reliance.

23916 - Extreme Simplicity - $15.00

 The Self-Sufficient Home

The Self-Sufficient Home

By Christopher Nyerges

The Self-Sufficient Home... Going green and saving Money. This is Christopher's latest book, a treasure trove of information for living a simpler life. The book includes interviews from folks who live the life, folks who walk the walk. This book will provide you with more money saving tips, beyond his other popular book, "Extreme simplicity". It includes how to cut heating and cooling costs, utilize solar energy, construct non-flush toilets and solar showers, collect rainwater, and apply permaculture techniques. Hundreds of photographs and diagrams illustrate ways to use natural resources and embrace self-reliance. From embracing solar energy and wind power to using fluorescent bulbs and growing backyard vegetable gardens, there are endless ways to live a more ecological and economical lifestyle. Sustainable living advice from self-reliance expert Christopher Nyerges, editor of Wilderness Way magazine.

23917 - The Self-Sufficient Home - $18.00

Basic Soap Making Book

Basic Soap Making

All the Skills and Tools You Need to Get Started

By Patsy Buck

This book includes hundreds of step-by-step, full-color photographs that illustrate exactly how to make cold-process soap. Instructions on molding soap, cutting bars, creating original recipes, packaging gifts, and more. Includes a chapter on constructing a soap mold, liner, and cutter at home. Handmade soap is inexpensive, soft on skin, and makes a great gift for anyone. Readers will learn the basic four-oil soap recipe, which can then be enhanced with additives such as oatmeal, fragrance oils, colored swirls, two-tone nuggets, and moisturizing butters. Charts on saponification, base oils, and luxury oils make creating unique soap recipes easy. Measures 11" x 8.5" x 0.6" with 132 pages. Weighs 1 lb. 6.5 oz.

23919 - Basic Soap Making - $19.95