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Shelter Products

2 Person Survival Blanket


The AMK-SOL™ 2 Person Survival Blanket is 20% larger than other blankets. It features a bright orange stripe, an easy to spot universal distress color, and has survival and first-aid instructions printed directly on it. It is compact and reflects 90% of radiated body heat. It measures 96" x 60" unfolded and weighs 3 oz.

Assembled in America

14009 - AMK 2 Person Survival Blanket - $5.50

Space Emergency Blanket


The Original Space® Brand Emergency Blanket, Made in the US, is now available in both silver on silver and orange on silver. This two ounces of protection that fits in the palm of your hand is about the size of a deck of cards when folded, but opens into a 56" x 84" tough and durable thermal reflective blanket. They provide personal protection from the elements and reflects and retains 80% of radiated body heat for warmth and protection in a cold snap or crisis situation. Can be used as a reflector, emergency shelter or thermal ground cover. Wt. 2 oz.

Products Made in America

14003 - Space® Emergency Blanket -

Space Emergency Blanket OD


Made in the US, the Original Space® Brand Emergency Blanket is now made in true O.D. (Olive Drab), not a shiny olive color, like some others. It is silver on one side and a dull olive drab green on the other. Larger than the standard emergency blankets, it is 96" long x 56" wide and is made for the government under NSN: 721-009-356666. It provides the same personal protection from the elements as the standard blanket and reflects 80% of radiated body heat for warmth in cold conditions or a crisis situation. It can be used as a reflector, emergency shelter, or thermal ground cover. Wt. 2 oz.

Products Made in America

14003-OD - Space® Emergency Blanket - Silver/OD - $3.25

Emergency Blanket


This Emergency Blanket is a must for every survival kit. It's manufactured from extremely lightweight, flexible, space-age material, and retains up to 80% of your body heat in cold weather. Dimensions: 52" x 82.5". Wt. 1.5 oz.

14001 - Survival/Emergency Blanket - $1.99


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All new larger blanket reflects and retains 80% of radiated body heat to keep you warm in sub-freezing temperatures. It is waterproof, soil resistant, compact and windproof. Unique 4-ply laminated structure. Each blanket is fully edge bound and grommeted at all corners, which makes it a great emergency tarp or shelter. Dimensions: 60" x 84". Wt. 10 oz.

Product Made in America

Space® All Weather Blanket - $14.95

Sportsman Blanket


This is the same blanket as described above, with the addition of a hood and two upper corners with hand inserts, sized to fit over gloves, so you can wrap the blanket around your body for warmth, or use it as a poncho. Each blanket is fully edge bound and each corner has a reinforced grommet so it can be used as an emergency tarp or shelter. Dimensions: 59" x 69". Wt. 15 oz.

Product Made in America

Space® All Weathe Blanket - Hooded - $16.95

Space Emergency Bag


Reflects and retains over 90% of radiated body heat, providing warmth for the wearer. Remains flexible at temperatures to -40º F, making it an ideal safety accessory for all outdoor enthusiasts. Ideal for survival situations and survival kits. Use in a critical situation by itself or over your sleeping bag to afford additional heat containment. Dimensions: 36" x 84". Wt. 3 oz.

Product Made in America

14004 - Space® Emergency Bag - $8.50


SOL Emergency Bivy

SOL Emergency Bivy

An Emergency Bivvy that weighs only 3.8 oz.! This is an ideal bivvy for those occasions when you take a wrong turn and are forced to spend the night out. Carrying this is a great way to be prepared and, is now available with an ultralight stuff sack, allowing for repeat uses. Made from a newly developed polyethylene material that is vacuum-metallicized to reflect back 90% of your body heat. Compared to the competition, the Heatsheets Emergency Bivvy's material is significantly quieter, more durable, and also available in the AMK-SOL™ Survival Blanket. Size unfolded: 36" x 84". Size in Sack: 3.5" x 2.5".

14011 - AMK-SOL™ Emergency Bivvy - $13.99


2 Person Emergency Bivvy


The AMK-SOL 2-Person Emergency Bivvy is a larger-sized full-protection shelter that reflects 90% of body heat for warmth in extreme temperatures. The ultra-light, ultra-warm full protection 2-person shelter! The SOL 2-Person Emergency Bivvy is made from the same heat-reflective polyethylene as AMK's world-famous emergency blankets (reflecting 90% of your body heat back to you), with the added benefit of being fully sealed so that no wind, rain, or snow can get inside. If you and your partner are forced to spend the unexpected night outdoors, both of you can hop in the SOL 2-Person Emergency Bivvy as soon as the temperature drops and instantly improve the odds in your favor. This is also ideal for those who are too large for the regular Emergency Bivvy! Measures 60" x 84" unfolded and 2.5" x 5" in sack. Weighs 4.9 oz.

14014 - AMK-SOL™ Emergency Bivvy XL - $19.99


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The AMK-SOL Escape Bivvy is nothing less than a revolution in backcountry shelters. The complaint with most ultralight emergency shelters is the same: condensation builds up inside as you get warm, leaving your clothes soaking wet. With the Escape Bivvy, condensation is no longer an issue, and you never again have to choose between staying dry and staying warm. The proprietary fabric lets moisture escape at the same time that it keeps rain, snow, and wind on the outside – all while reflecting your body heat back to you. Waterproof seams plus a drawstring hood closure and side zip mean you can seal out the elements entirely or use the bivvy like a traditional sleeping bag. Now available in both a high-visibility orange exterior, making it easy for rescuers to spot you even in areas with high tree cover, or green, for a lower profile. (It should be noted that AMK calls the green color "OD Green" but it is more of a light green with white specks - The photos with the Escape Bivvy in a hand show the accurate colors). Weight: 8.5 oz. Size: 36" x 84"

AMK-SOL Escape Bivvy - $59.99

Orange Survival Bag



This is a BIG Orange Survival Bag! It is 84" long x 36" wide and is made from 3 mil. polyethylene. Really rugged. Great for making an emergency shelter (Poke a hole through one of the bottom corners and run a ridgeline through it to use as a tube tent), use to cover a shelter to waterproof it, use as a ground sheet, or just climb inside and huddle! Many other uses such as a signaling panel or waterproof a sleeping bag. I'm sure you will find other uses as well. Wt. 9 oz.

14018 - Orange Survival Bag - $5.50


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This Emergency Poncho is small and light enough to carry in your pocket, or any small survival kit. Made of polyethylene with a roomy attached hood, they are full cut for proper fit and one size fits all. They measure 52" x 80". Color - Orange or Clear only.

14010 - Emergency Poncho - $1.00


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The UST Mylar Survival Poncho is a lightweight, waterproof poncho that keeps you dry in all types of weather. It can be used for heat deflection, body heat insulation, as a wind and rain barrier, or as rescue signal. Made of Mylar, a reflective material, that can be easily spotted from a distance. It folds compactly for storage in your pack. Dimensions when flat: 40" x 50". Folded, it measures 5" x 4" x 0.5". Weighs 1.7 oz.

14023 - UST Mylar Survival Poncho - $4.50


Alt Text 1

Poncho shown with hood down.

Alt Text 2

Shown rolled in hand & corner grommets.

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Poncho shown being used as a shelter after unsnapping the side closures.

Rothco’s G.I. Type Military Rip-Stop Poncho is the ideal military style poncho suitable for protection from rain, and is a great piece of gear for a pack or a bug-out bag. Snap Closures on sides allow you to open the poncho flat, and the corners feature heavy duty grommets, making it ideal for use as an emergency shelter.  The hood has draw strings to secure it around your head.  It measures 56" x 90" when unsnapped. One size fits most. It is available in Olive Drab or Coyote Brown. 

Rothco G.I. Type Rip-Stop Poncho - $27.99


Rothco Poncho Liner

Rothco's G.I. Type Poncho Liners include ties and provide warmth and comfort in mild temperatures when used with a poncho. They are designed to use the ties to tie to the grommet holes of the poncho allowing you to make a sleeping bag from both.  It does not have a hole for your head and was not intended to be used in the poncho when wearing it as rain gear. The Poncho Liners can also be used as a blanket. They are great for anyone planning to be outdoors for a long period of time and they fit great inside your Bug Out Bag or Evacuation Kit!  It is available in Olive Drab or Coyote Brown. They measure 62" x 82" and weigh 1 lb. 12 oz.

Rothco G.I. Type Poncho - $34.99


Wool Intalian Army Type Blanket

This is an excellent replica of the Italian Army Type Wool Blanket. Brown with a beige stripe it is great for camping, emergencies, or everyday comfort. This blanket looks as good in the home as it does the field! Wool is naturally fire retardant and a great insulator, even when wet. Made in India. Measures 62" x 80". Weighs 4 lbs. 15 oz. (Note: the treatment to make this blanket fire retardant may cause the blanket to have a slight odor.)

14080 - 90% Wool Italian Army Type Blanket - $32.95

Emergency Tube Tent


This Emergency Reflective Tube Tent can provide protection from the elements in an emergency situation. It is compact, lightweight, and the reflective material helps to conserve body heat. It's 8' length comfortably fits two people. It comes with cordage to allow you to fashion a tube tent between two objects such as two trees. This is a great item for a survival kit or pack, a Bug-Out Bag, or a vehicle emergency kit. Weighs 6 oz. with cordage.

14021 - Emergency Tube Tent - $7.95

2 Person Tube Tent


Lightweight, yet durable, this 2 person Tube Tent sets up in minutes. Made from heavy gauge 2.5 mil. polyethylene, it can be used as a shelter, a method of water collection, or signaling. Bright orange in color, it is perfect for a survival shelter when a tent is not available. Cord and instructions included. Dimension: 8' (96") long x 6' (72") wide providing a circumference of 12' (144").

14020 - 2 Person Tube Tent - $6.95


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We really like this UST Tube Tarp because it is very versatile. It can be used as a normal tube tarp, or it can be unzipped and used as a normal tarp, a ground cloth, or even a thermal blanket to wrap around you. The zipper is extremely heavy duty. One side is orange and the other is aluminized for thermal insulation or reflectivity for signaling. This tarp is ultra-light, only 24 oz., and measures, when used as a tube tent, 84" long x 40" wide at the bottom x 35" high at the peak. When unzipped as a tarp, it measures 84" long x 120" long. It includes a stuff sack, 3 adjustable guy lines, and 6 steel stakes. This is great item for bug-out bags or any emergency/survival kit!

14039 - UST Tube Tarp - $34.95



UST Hex Tarp in Stuff Sack

Alt Text 1

The rolled tarp & stuff sack.

Alt Text 2

Guy lines & Stakes bag rolled in tarp.

Alt Text 2

Close up of Guy Line & Stake bag.

Alt Text 1

8 Steel Stakes & 2 Guy Lines.

Alt Text 2

The substantial Tie-outs from back side.

The UST B.A.S.E. Hex Tarp 1.0 is a unique, compact, multi-function tarp, making it ideal for survival, camping, bug-out bags, or any adventure. The hexagonal shape lends itself to a multitude of ground cover shelters, an overhead tarp, and is excellent for over a hammock, in all weather conditions.  It can also be used as a ground cover or thermal blanket.  One side is orange and the other is aluminized for thermal insulation or reflectivity for signaling.  It has a substantial "tie-out" on each of the six corners. The Tarp open measures 108" x 96" x 41" (9' x 8' x 3.4').  It rolls up into a provided stuff sack and measures only 10" long x 4" diameter.  It includes 8 steel stakes and guy lines that have their own small stuff sack that rolls into the tarp.  This is great tarp for many uses!  It weighs 1 lb. 8 oz. packaged.

14038 - UST B.A.S.E. Hex Tarp 1.0 - $34.95


Egret Nylon Tarp

The Egret Nylon Tarps are strong, lightweight nylon tarps at reasonable prices. They are made from rugged, 1.9 oz ripstop nylon with a waterproof urethane coating. Brass grommets are spread approximately every three feet and are reinforced for extra durability. All key seams are double stitched.

Product Made in America

14034 - Egret Nylon Tarp - 6' x 8' - 1 lb. 2 oz. - $ 41.95

14035 - Egret Nylon Tarp - 8' x 10' - 1 lb. 11 oz. - $55.95

14036 - Egret Nylon Tarp - 10' x 12' - 2 lb. 9 oz. - $74.95

Ultralight Tarp


Super strong and incredibly light, these tarps are made from waterproof 1.3 oz. silicone impregnated ripstop nylon. Reinforced grommets spread approx. every 3 feet, with ties on center seam, provide for multiple pitching options. Key seams are double stitched for strength. Comes packaged in mesh stuff bug.

Product Made in America

14024 - Equinox 6'x8' Tarp - wt. 9 oz. - $99.95

14025 - Equinox 8'x10' Tarp - wt. 13.9 oz. - $125.95

14026 - Equinox 10'x12' Tarp - 18.8 oz. - $178.95


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The Vargo Aluminum Summit Tent Stake is made from high quality extruded aluminum. These stakes are great for tents, tarps, and other shelters. Its Y-beam design provides greater surface area and excellent holding capability while the reflective cord offers increased visibility and easier removal. Features: High quality extruded aluminum construction, Y-beam design for excellent holding capability, and a reflective pull cord for better visibility and removal. These are some really sturdy stakes that will serve your needs year after year. Package of 8 Tent Stakes. Weight: 0.5 oz. each. Length: 7.5".

14033 - Vargo Aluminum Summit Tent Stakes (8 Pack) - $14.95


550Parachute Cord

This 550 Parachute Cord is Type III Commercial, 7 strand and is 100 feet in length. This is not seconds or odd lots. It is made here in America by a certified U.S. Defense Department manufacturer. It's ideal for many survival purposes such as lashing to make shelters, etc. The shroud and core is made of nylon. It has seven inner lines which can be removed and used for fishing line, sewing, making nets, lashing, or many other purposes. Tensile Strength: 550 lbs. Length: 100'. Available in Black, OD Green, Coyote Brown, and High Vis Orange.

Product Made in America

Caution Parachute Cord is

550 Parachute Cord, Type III, 7 Strand, 100' - $7.95

Tarred Nylon Twine

Bank Line


Tarred Nylon Twine is often called "Bank Line" because it is used for making both bank and trot lines. However, because of its strength, it is great as a cordage for all types of survival situations, and because of its size, you can carry a lot in a kit. It can be used to build shelters, traps and snares, and a host of other chores. Being tarred, it doesn't rot, is excellent at holding knots, will not unravel, and is lightweight (which makes it easy to carry). We offer it in two (2) sizes and strengths. The #18 is a great size to include in kits and I have re-wound it on various items for carrying in a kit. The #36 is twice the diameter but twice the strength for those requiring a stronger cordage.

Alt Text 1

Bank Line - #18 - 250' - 160 Lb.

Alt Text 2

Bank Line - #36 - 122' - 320 Lb.

#18 Bank Line comes on a roll of 250 feet with an approx. tensile strength of 160 pounds.

18016 - Bank Line - #18 - 250' - 160 Lb. - $4.95
#36 Bank Line comes on a roll of 122 feet with an approx. tensile strength of 320 pounds.

18018 - Bank Line - #36 - 122' - 320 Lb. - $4.95