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Survival Resources T-Driver

The T-Driver™ is a great little pocket screwdriver for EDC (Everyday Carry) that provides the ability to increase torque by tilting the handle sideways making a T-Driver. The size of a pen, it provides three double ended bits, with a Phillips on one end and a flat bit on the other end. The sizes are Phillips #3 & Flat 1/4", Phillips #2 & Flat 3/16", and a Phillips #1 & Flat 1/8". Measuring only 5-1/8" long and weighing only 1.5 oz., it includes a pocket clip. This is a great multi-purpose screwdriver for any small tool kit or pocket carry.

T-Driver Unfolded in Hand

The T-Driver™ is truly a hand sized tool.

T-Driver Folded

For normal jobs, use as a normal screwdriver.

T-Driver Open

For more torque, tilt the handle and you have a T-Driver!

The Three T-Driver Bits

The T-Driver™ comes with three two sided bits. A Phillips #3 & 1/4" flat, a Phillips #2 & 3/16" flat, and a Phillips #1 & 1/8" flat.

For those who are familiar with Chapman tools and bits, They work jus fine on this T-Driver™. Because it is built to hold double ended bits, it provides just enough depth to utilize all the Chapman bits (Chapman bits not included).

T-Driver with Chapman Bits

Although the T-Drive works well with Chapman Bits, they are not included.

T-Driver in Micro Pocket Organiser

The above photo shows how the T-Driver™ easily fits in a small tool pouch, this one being our smallest, the Maxpedition Micro Pocket Organizer. Note: The above photo is only shown as an example of a tool pouch.

16060 - T-Driver™ - $14.95