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Vargo BOT

Stop carrying a water bottle AND cooking pot - the BOT is made to replace both! Half water bottle, half cooking pot, it performs both functions exceptionally well while weighing less than most standard water bottles. It converts easily from a water bottle to a cooking pot with a simple flip of the lid yet its watertight, temperature resistant O-ring won’t melt when exposed to heat. The BOT fits in most standard water bottle pockets. What it doesn’t fit into is the convention that you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Just another Vargo original idea.

BOT in hand

BOT Features: Available in both stainless steel or titanium, Screw-top lid with a watertight, heat-resistant O-ring that doubles as a cooking pot lid, and a wide mouth design to make cooking, cleaning, and using a lot easier. It can fit your entire hand inside it while still fitting in most water bottle pockets! 1.0 liter capacity to make measuring, cooking meals, and sterilizing water more convenient. Both pieces work well with pot lifters (sold separately). Specifications: Capacity: 1.0 liter (34 oz) Diameter: 4.1 inches (105 mm) Height: 6.3 inches (160 mm) Weight: Titanium BOT - 4.7 ounces (133 grams), Stainless Steel BOT - 8.4 ounces (238 grams).

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The Vargo BOT is not only a Bottle and Pot, it can also be used as a waterproof container to hold survival kits, emergency food for you pack, of first aid kit.

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Example of the Vargo BOT being used to hold a survival kit.

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Example of the Vargo BOT being used to hold emergency food.

The Vargo BOT when used as a pot can be heated over a camp fire, and also works real well over a gas canister stove and the Vargo Hexagon wood burning stove!

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BOT being used on a gas canister stove.

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BOT being used on a Vargo Hexagon wood stove.

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A view of the optional Pot Lifter for lifting the pot when hot.

As you can see, the Vargo BOT offers a lot of options. A Bottle, a Pot, a Waterproof container for various types of kits or storage. We also offer a survival kit built into the Vargo BOT. For more info on that kit CLICK HERE.

22038 - Vargo BOT


Pot Lifter

The Pot Lifter is a handy device for lifting the Vargo BOT, pots, mugs, survival tins, etc. out of a fire. It does not stay attached to the item, so it always stays cool, and even works on pots or mugs with a rim. Just clamp to the side of the item you want to lift. It will even pick-up a pot with a bail. The Pot Lifter is wide so it provides more stability when lifting than do pliers. This a handy little item in the field when cooking over a fire. Measures 5" long x 1" wide, and weighs only 1.6 oz. Made In Sweden.

22004 - Pot Lifter - $5.95  


Emergency Poncho If you want a way to carry your Waterproof Pot Survival Kit over your shoulder, we offer the BOT Para-Cover. It was designed in collaboration with our good friends at the and the Para-Cord Guy, and it can be used slung over your shoulder to carry this kit. Although this Para-Cover provides attachment points for a shoulder strap, a strap is not included.
BOT Para-Cover - $28.00