A Personal EDC

Everybody has their own personal EDC (Everyday Carry). They are as individual as the person. I believe that if you call it an EDC, then it means you actually carry it Everyday. The photo below shows what I actually carry on my person each and everyday so it is truly my EDC. I will provide a description for each item below the picture.

Starting at the top from left to right the first item is wallet by SPEC-OPS, which is carried in the left rear trouser pocket. Besides the normal contents of a wallet, it also carries a Fresnel Magnifier, some extra length band aids, some Tinder-Quick fire starters, and an extra key for the truck. 

Moving right we next have a Leatherman Wave with a dual Bit Kit that reside in the sheath behind the Wave. The left side of the sheath holds a MicroStream flashlight by Streamlight, and the right side holds a Leatherman Bit Driver Extender. This sheath rides on the left rear hip on the belt.

Next we have a Zippo lighter with leather sheath which rides on the left front of the belt.

Next we have a cotton bandana, Rite in the Rain Mini Universal notebook, and a Pocket Pallet (Which I made) which holds 20’ of parachute cord. All three of these items ride in the right rear trouser pocket.

The center of the photo shows the Benchmade Mini-Onslaught which rides between the belt and trouser at the right front.

From left to right at the bottom we start with a BIC lighter and a key ring, both which ride in the left front trouser pocket. The key ring contains a Photo Micro-Light II with a red light, a metal tube that holds up a rolled $20.00 bill, and an IronKey extremely secure USB flash drive that holds emergency information, scans of all identification cards, insurance information, mortgages, etc. It also contains a complete video inventory of the house and property with photo back-ups.  

Moving right we next have an EDC pocket ring that holds a Fox 40 Micro whistle, a Light My Fire Mini ferrocerium rod, a cut down file for testing rocks, a Photon Micro-Light II with white light, a collapsible ferrocerium rod, a striker, and a capsule that holds cotton balls with petroleum jelly. This resides in the right front trouser pocket along with a Space Pen, Victorinox Farmer, and an ARC Light flashlight, which are show to the right of the EDC pocket ring.

Last, but not least is a smart phone which rides in a sheath on the right hip.

As you can see, each EDC is unique to the person. The above is what I have over the years decided what is best for me. I'm sure you will all decide what is best for your own needs.

Copyright © 2021 by John D. McCann