Collapsible Pocket Ferro Rod

I wanted a Ferro rod for my pocket, but they are always too long for a decent size rod, so I modified some existing stuff to work for my purpose. First, I got a Scout Firesteel and Gerber Knife Sharpener.

Here are the starting components.

Next, I cut the red handle off the Scout Fire steel (and threw away the striker that comes with it). I cut the red handle with a hacksaw alongside the Ferro rod at each corner, being careful not to hit the Ferro rod. Then I pealed the red handle off leaving a Ferro rod 1/4" in diameter by 2-3/16" long. Of course you might be able to find a Ferro rod this size without a handle and that would work fine.

I then took the Gerber knife sharpener, took out the sharpener and threw it in a draw of other left over stuff. The tube was the perfect diameter for the Ferro rod, but way too long. So I cut the tube down to 2-1/2" long from the screw tightening end. I took the end cap off the back leftover piece and put it on the new shorter tube. To keep it there I drilled a hole through the tube and end cap and put a split ring on it. It keeps the end cap in place and provides you with a means to connect to a key ring. I then placed the Ferro rod in the tube and it locks in by turning the end tightener. When I need to use the Ferro rod, I untighten the screw cap, slide the Ferro rod out almost all the way. re-tighten the screw cap and lock the Ferro rod in place. This also provides you with a handle to hold the Ferro rod when in use. Not brain surgery, but works well for what I wanted.

This is the Collapsible Pocket Ferro Rod closed.

This is the Collapsible Pocket Ferro Rod open.

This shows the well worn Collapsible Pocket Ferro Rod on my EDC Key Ring, at the lower right. I also
carry a Photon Micro-Light II on the same split ring as the Collapsible Ferro rod as I can hold it on top
of the Ferro Rod when it is open for using at night.

A quick project and not a lot of work, but a handy way to carry a Ferro rod on your key ring. 

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