Deerskin Drawstring Pouch - 4" x 6"

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Deerskin Drawstring Pouch - 4" x 6"

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John made one of these for his fire starting kit and when he showed it on social media people immediately wanted to know if we would be selling them in our store. So here they are, handmade right here at Survival Resources!

These Drawstring Pouches are made from North American Deerskin, which is very soft and supple. No two deer skins are the same so each pouch is unique. The pouch measures 4" x 6" with a double drawstring closure. This is a great pouch for everything from a fire kit to a small possibles bag. It was designed so it would hold our Hudson Bay Tobacco Box or silver hinged tin (both available separately) which many people use for a small flint and steel kit. This pouch also comfortably holds and protects a Suunto MC-2 Mirror Compass (available separately). weight: 0.9 oz. Because they are handmade right here, quantities are limited.