DIY Kydex Maxpedition Clips

I needed a new pack like a hole in the head, but I wanted to play with the Maxpedition Falcon 2, and add a Maxpedition 10x4 Bottle holder on each side. Anyway. when I tried to attach the bottle holders with the new strap connector thingies, the bottles just flopped. So I tried the old Malice clips that you used to get with Maxpedition, and they weren't much better.

The Malice clips are on the left and the new strap connectors on the right.

So I had to improvise, adapt, and overcome. I thought about it for awhile and decided a piece of Kydex with a slot for the center sewing, weaved in and out the loops, would hold the bottle holders real tight to the sides of the packs.

I cut a piece of Kydex 7.5" long with each leg measuring 1-3/8" wide. I left a 3/8" space in the center, and at top a 1/2" long tab to keep the clip from falling through. I wove the clip 1st through the loops of the pack, then the loops of the bottle holder, alternating on each one until the bottle holder was completely attached to he pack. It doesn't wobble at all. After the photo's were taken, I further modified the clips by drilling a small hole in the end of each leg of the clip, so a piece of parachute cord could be tied across the ends to ensure it didn't ride up. However, the clips are so tight they haven't gone anywhere.

This is a view of the Clip I made from Kydex material.

The Kydex clip shown slid down from the top of the bottle holder.

Top and bottom of clip can be seen from the side of the bottle holder.

A view of the bottom of the clip shown from the bottom of the bottle holder.

View of completed pack with a bottle holder attached to each side.

Well there you have it. No more flopping!

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