EMP - A Possible Threat

We have many threats that could can could turn our day, or world, upside down. These can be caused by nature, to include blizzards, hurricanes, floods, tsunamis, etc. They can be man-made, such as power outages, the collapse of our monetary system, nuclear or normal war, etc. As Self-Reliant people, we endeavor to prepare for such emergencies so that we are not at the mercy of other people, or the government, for assistance.

We must be aware of threats in order to be prepared for their possibility or eventuality. One of those threats, that you hear very little about, is an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse). It is just another threat to our existence. An EMP occurrence could, within a matter of seconds, shut down and destroy our electrical grid and electronic devices, which many are so reliant on. In reality, such an occurrence could put our society back 200 years, and for many, that would be the dark ages. And, it could takes years to recover from such an incident, and life as we know it will change drastically.

This article isn’t an attempt to teach you about EMP, but to make you aware of it as a possible devastating threat. It is up to you to research and learn about its causes and effects. But, this a REAL THREAT and if such an event occurs, you need to know how to prepare now, not later.

What could cause an EMP? The first could be as simple as a Solar Flare. A severe solar storm causing electromagnetic disturbances could destroy most of the worlds power grids. Another possibility is a nuclear weapon detonated in or above the earth’s atmosphere. Both North Korea and Iran are attempting to construct such a weapon and could be launched from a ship off one of our coasts or the Gulf of Mexico. A burst over a mid-west state could literally destroy all electronics in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

An EMP could occur as the result of a solar flare, shown in the opening photo, or as the result
of a nuclear weapon detonated in or above the earth’s atmosphere.

There is a lot of information out there about EMP threats, but be careful. Much of the information is theory, some is conflicting, and some is just wrong. Some say solar panels will survive, some say they won’t. Some say they will if they are not connected to anything and are kept stacked in a shed with a metal roof. The same goes with theories on batteries. The only thing most agree on is that anything that has a microchip will be useless, which will include most vehicles manufactured after about 1969.

The only certain thing we know about an EMP, is if one occurs, things will never be the same.

Shielding against EMP is another area of conflict. Many say that shielding such as with a Faraday Cage will work, but some say it must be grounded and others say it shouldn’t. Again, lots of conflicting information. Our job is to learn as much as we can by verifying that information that is real and useful from that which is false or inaccurate.

There are many books available on the subject and just a few are “EMP Survival – How To Prepare Now and Survive When an Electromagnetic Pulse Destroys Our Power grid” by Larry Poole, “Solar Flare Survival: Protect Yourself and Your Electronics From the Sun and EMP’s with Faraday Cages” by Marc Remillard, and “Report of the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack” by the Critical National Infrastructures.

There are some fictional books out there that provide scenario based information that can give you an idea of what might happen if an EMP incident occurred. The two best I have read are “Lights Out” by David Crawford (598 pages), and “One Second After”, by William R. Forstchen (511 pages) and a NY Times Bestseller.

The bottom line here is that an EMP incident could change the face of our country, continent, or world, as we know it. Imagine life without electricity indefinitely. Imagine no phones, no cell phones, computers, Television, even radio. Most vehicles would stop running (diesels have the best chance of survival), no food being delivered, riots from those who are entitled and their entitlements cease. Most water would stop pumping, most furnaces would stop heating, air conditioners would stop, supplies would cease to be replenished. No medical supplies, no hospitals, no electric from your power company. Keep in mind that without electric, there will be no manufacturing. Electric companies will not be able to replace the tens of thousands of blown transformers on poles as they will not have the means to re-manufacture them. Those spares setting in wait for eventual emergency need will already have been destroyed by the EMP.

When the power goes out, electric companies will not have the means to fix the problem.

The threat of a EMP, like all threats, is not imminent, but a real possibility. As a self-reliant person, why not take the opportunity now, while you still have electric lights, to study the subject of EMP and become aware of the ramifications to your existence. It beats reading by candle light. This might also be a good time to study Passive Solar techniques for heating, cooling, and electrical energy. Just saying!

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