Esbit Pocket Stove - Windscreen Modifications

I have been carrying an Esbit Folding Pocket Stove forever, and use it to make a quick cup a coffee.

However, I've had both a wind problem, and a problem with balancing some cups on the open stove. This is especially true with the military canteen cup which won't set on the stove when it is completely open. I also like to use the stove as a small twig burning stove when fuel tabs run out. So, a few years ago I modified the stove (not actually a modification to the stove, but an addition). I wanted sides that I could add to one side or both, and a pan to place under the stove to protect what is under it from fire. Of course they had to fit in the stove with 4 fuel tabs. Here is the additions I made and they have been extremely useful for years.

I made 2 sides for when the stove is completely open. They are made from heavy flashing material and are bent over on one long side so they snap over the top of the 2 open sides. Another piece was cut to fit under the stove, again to protect the ground from any flame that might go down (once caught a picnic table on fire using an Esbit Stove).

A view of the three pieces made for the stove.

Both sides snapped on stove with bottom plate under stove.

All 3 pieces stored in the bottom of the stove after use.

Even with the 3 pieces in bottom, it still holds 4 fuel tabs.

The stove folded back up and ready to go back in pack.

Another view showing how well a canteen cup sets across the two windscreen sides.

Anyway, a simple modification, or addition if you will, but works good for me. Sometimes you only need one side to shield wind. With both sides on, a Canteen Cup sets real nice. Also, it makes a nice little twig burning stove as well.

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