Exotac TinderZip - 5 Pack

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Exotac TinderZip

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Having fire starting tinder is crucial in any survival situation. The TinderZIP™ zipper pull can be added to any gear including jackets, backpacks, tents, and day bags so you will be prepared for any situation you find yourself in. When you need tinder in an emergency, TinderZip is there with its inner core that is highly flammable, waterproof, and easy to ignite in any environment. Each zipper pull will burn for about 60 seconds. The more you fluff the end that you will be lighting, the easier it will be to ignite, even with a ferro rod. Add a TinderZIP™ to every zipper for easy tinder. Each zipper pull is 3" when assembled, which results in 6" of tinder cord when pulling out the core. The TinderZip come 5 to a package. 

The orange TinderZip has a retro-reflective strand in the cord, so it can be easily found in the dark, by reflecting the light of a  flashlight.

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