DIY Kydex Monitor Mount for Youtubers

Well, it seems like I have found another use for Kydex. The problem started when I realized my eyes aren't as good as they used to be. Most of my videos I do by myself, so I spend a lot of time setting up the shot so everything is in the viewing area. I have seen too many videos where the subject matter is not in view all the time during the video. I tried a small monitor, but like those on cameras, I still can't see it from any distance. I also wanted something big enough to review the video in the field and hear it adequately.

So I had this bright idea. Get a 14" 12 volt video monitor and mount it to the tripod below the camera. I could face it in the same direction as the camera so I could see if everything I wanted was in the frame. Or I could have it on the back of the tripod to review what I shot. I could power it off one of my Goal Zero Sherpa 50 12 volt power packs that can be recharged in the field off a solar panel. Good so far.

Unfortunately, a monitor doesn't have any lanyard holes on the side so I couldn't use cordage to hang it from a tripod. Enter Kydex! I made a mount that screws to the back of the monitor where a mounting plate normally goes. The mount allows the monitor to hang on a tripod below the camera, and I can place it on the front or back side (or just swivel the camera to either direction).

The additional advantage of this setup is we now have a 12 volt monitor that can be setup on the tripod when the power goes out and the tripod becomes the stand. With our 12 volt DVD player we now have a solar rechargeable entertainment center.

Here are some pictures of the completed project:

This is a view of the finished Kydex mount on the back of the monitor.

The monitor mount on the tripod, center view.

The monitor mount shown from the right side.

The monitor mount shown from the left side.

A view of the GoalZero Sherpa 50 12 Volt Power Pack that hangs on the bottom of the tripod.

A view from in front of the camera.

Of course a portable solar panel can be attached to your pack for recharging the power pack.

Obviously, this isn't something that everyone needs, but for those with poor eye sight it might be handy for setting up your video shots, and will help to ensure you stay in frame during recording.

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