Latex Rubber Tubing - Large - Per Foot

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Latex Rubber Tubing Large- Per Foot

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Latex Rubber Tubing has dozens of uses for survival! Although you often see this tubing carried by paramedics, it can be used in the field to make weapons such as slingshots & Hawaiian Sling Spears, traps such as spring up snares, fire starting (this stuff burns long as a tinder), Signaling (it burns with a dark black smoke), building shelters, and emergency medical purposes. Like Duct Tape, you should have several feet of this stuff in your kit. Amber in color, this tubing has a 7/16" outside diameter, 5/16" inside diameter, with a wall thickness of 2/16". Maximum length for a single piece is 10', and any amount over 10' may be divided into 2 or more sections. It should be noted that this product contains natural rubber latex which may cause an allergic reaction in some people.