Micro Escape Kit

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Micro Escape Stick

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The Micro Escape Kit is our most miniature and comprehensive escape kit. Weighing in at just around a third of an ounce, this kit can greatly increase your odds when escaping unlawful captivity is your best survival option. The kit includes a Bare Minimum Handcuff Key, our Micro Escape Tool saw/handcuff shim pick, our Ceramic Razor Blade, 6 feet of Kevlar® Trip Line for cutting through zip-ties, and a diamond rod saw. All these items are contained inside a tiny 0.35” x 0.35” x 2” compartment. The textured matte black housing makes this ideal as a “hidden in plain sight” device. It can be used as a zipper pull, worn inside your waistband hung from a belt loop, or hidden most anywhere else. Housing length: 2.8”. Weight: 0.37 oz. Made in USA.

Check out our video of the Micro Escape Kit.