Mini Bushcraft Pack Grill Pouch - Waxed Canvas

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Mini Bushcraft Pack Gill Pouch - Waxed Canvas

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Our Mini Bushcraft Pack Gill Pouch is much more substantial than the nylon pouch that comes with the Mini Bushcraft Pack Grill. Our pouch is an Exclusive Survival Resources product and is hand-crafted in the  USA by Campcraft Outdoors in Bethlehem, Kentucky. Campcraft utilizes American made Carhartt Mills 12 oz. canvas and hand waxes every piece the old fashioned way using a wax blend that has been used by some of the greatest outdoor mills since the early 1900's. You will feel the wax on these hand-crafted products just as you would have in the days before machine processed waxed material was made. The Pouch measures  10.75” long x 6.75” wide and will accommodate One or Two Mini Bushcraft Pack Grills, or a Mini and Half Mini Bushcraft Pack Grill. It will also accommodate our Titanium Bushcraft Pack Grill. This is a  great item for bushcrafters! Weighs 3.2 oz. Note: This is just the pouch and No Grills are included. You can check out our Mini Bushcraft Pack Grills HERE.

You can see the Mini Bushcraft Pack Grill Pouch in this video: