Pocket Tin Survival Kit

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Pocket Tin Survival Kit

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Designed, developed, and packaged by Survival Resources™, the Pocket Tin Survival Kit™ was designed so you could easily carry a basic survival kit conveniently in a pocket. It is an individual, mini kit, packaged inside a sturdy tin. It is supplied with 10' of parachute cord with instructions on how to wrap it around the tin. We purposely left room inside the tin so you could add a few small items, such as water purification tablets and a water bag. 

For Fire & Light, this kit contains a Mini-Match™ Firestarter. Six (6) Tinder-Quick™ Fire Tabs are also enclosed to ensure you have dry, effective tinder when you need to start a fire. Tinder-Quick™ is an all-weather fire starter that even lights when wet. Each fire tab is specially treated to high standards to ensure the cotton is waterproof and provides more than adequate burn times for starting fires (each tab burns up to 1 minute). 

For Signaling, this kit contains a Mini Rescue-Flash™ Signal Mirror made of durable LEXAN® polycarbonate with a mil-spec retro-reflective aiming aid for one handed use. Visible over 20 miles, instructions are printed on the back. The mirror is covered by a protective film to prevent scratches while stored in the Pocket Tin Survival Kit. It also has a Lanyard hole. The kit also includes a black FOX 40® Micro Whistle which is a Triple-frequency, extremely loud signaling whistle, and exceeds SOLAS and USCG specification. 

For Navigation, we have included a good quality 20mm Button Compass. It is liquid filled and has a one hour luminous dial. Its working temperature range is -10º F to 110º F and is water resistant to 30 feet (9 meters). Dimensions: 20mm (slightly larger than 3/4") diameter x 9.9mm thick. 

Because of the size of this kit, it obviously would be difficult to include any shelter items. However, this kit does include a 10' hank of parachute cord. It is OD Green, Type III, 7 strand, 550 Cord, made here in America by a certified U.S. Defense Dept. manufacturer. It's ideal for many survival purposes such as lashing to make shelters, etc. The shroud is made of continuous filament nylon. It has seven inner lines which can be removed and used for fishing line, sewing, making nets, lashing, or many other purposes. 550 lb. tensile strength. 

For the purpose of collecting food in a survival situation, this kit includes the following: A custom vial with a tight fitting cap holds the fishing tackle described below. The sewing needle and safety pins described later on this page are also contained in this vial. Many kits out there are provided with monofilament line which has terrible memory when you try to unwind it from a tight bobbin. This leaves you with a mess when you try to use it. Therefore, we have included 50' of Power-Pro® 20 lb. braided line, wound on a bobbin without retaining memory. 4 - Eagle Claw® #10 Baitholder Hooks 6 - Eagle Claw® Non-Lead BB Removable Split Shot 2 - Eagle Claw® #8 Baitholder Hooks 1 - 50' 20 lb. Power-Pro® Braided Fishing Line 1 - Eagle Claw® #14 Snap Swivel 5 - Safety Pins (2 #1 & 3 #00) (Note: Individual components can be substituted for equal or superior quality items) A basic component of most survival kits is 24 Gauge Brass Snare Wire. 24 Gauge is strong, easily molded, and a good diameter for survival snaring. This kit contains 6' which can also be used to secure a gill net, lashing and repairing items, etc. 

For knives and tools, this kit contains the following items: Note: we highly recommend that you check local laws to determine if the knife included in this kit is legal. 1. The folding Utility Knife is a pocket sized light to medium duty cutting tool which is great for survival kits. This folding razor knife is approved for military use and is issued NSN 6515-01-363-1212, and is manufactured to military specification under MilSpec #MIL-R-365408, thus making it a very high quality item. It weighs less than 8 grams with a closed length of less than 3 inches. The knife is a three bevel, hollow ground, shaving quality stainless steel razor blade with a plated steel rib to secure the blade. The handle is made from medium impact plastic. Dimensions: 2-3/4" x 5/8" x 3/16". 2. The folding Pocket Survival Saw is a pocket size utility and survival saw that uses a Swiss made 18 tpi High Speed Steel blade that is 2-3/4" long and tough enough to handle wood and metal cutting. Handle is made from medium impact plastic. 

A Fresnel Magnifier, which measures 2" x 3.25", can be used as an additional firestarter on sunny days, or as a magnifier when glasses are lost or broken. 18" of Dental Floss which can be used with the needle in the fishing vial to make repairs to clothing or gear, as well as other repairs. For minor repairs, and a million other uses, a flat pack of blaze orange duct tape is included. It measures 2" wide x 6" long. A Mini Pencil is also included, with a sheet of waterproof paper measuring 2.125" x 5.5". A sheet is included with directions for use of the Tinder-Quick™ Fire Tabs. We also include instructions for wrapping the tin with the parachute cord, in the event you want to carry it that way.