Watering The Garden With a 12 Volt Pump

Our garden is in the back forty, so we don't have water out there. We do have a well but we don't use it for the gardens. We have four 55 Gallon water barrels at the back of the garage which is about 75 feet from the garden.

For many years we have been watering the garden from these barrels carrying two watering cans each. We aren't getting any younger, so I finally decided to rig up a 12 Volt water pump with a Garden Tractor battery to pump the water by hose to the garden.

I chose the battery that would fit in a plastic ammo can that would hold both the battery and the pump, in order to easily carry it to the barrels. We have 120 feet of hose so it reaches to the back of the garden.

 This is a view of the plastic ammo can that I got from Cabelas. It measures 13" long x 6.5" wide at the bottom, and 14" long x 7-3/4" wide at the top. It is 10" high overall with the lid closed and 8.5" high with the lid open.

This shows the ammo can open with both the battery and 12 volt pump. The battery has wood pieces to keep it from sliding sideways. The pump is mounted to a board which fits snuggly alongside the battery which keeps the battery from sliding long wise. 

This shows the pump, mounted on a piece of wood, removed from the ammo can.

A closeup view of the 12 volt water pump.

This shows the pump hooked up to both the hose coming from the water barrel (on the right) and the hose coming from the garden (on the left). 

This shows the pump hooked up to the battery. You can also see one of the four water barrels on the right.

This shows the hose running from the pump 120 feet to the garden. 

The following phots show my wife, Denise now watering the garden using the new system.

Needless to say. This is a great improvement over carrying buckets to the garden. We can now water the garden the easy way.

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