Wild Plant Photo Gallery - D - J

This page includes plants - D - J

Daisy Fleabane (AKA: Sweet Scabious) - Erigeron annuus

Dame's Rocket (AKA: Dame's Violet) - Hesperis matronalis

Dandelion, Common - Taraxacum officinale

Dandelion, Common - Taraxacum officinale

Dayflower, Asiatic - Commelina communis

Deptford Pink - Dianthus armeria

Dock, Bitter (AKA: Dock, Broad-Leaved) - Rumex obtusifolius

Dogbane, Clasping-Leaved - Apocynum sibiricum

Dutchman's Breeches - Dicentra cucullaria

 Galinsoga (AKA: Quickweed) - Galinsoga ciliata

Galinsoga (AKA: Quickweed), close up of flowers - Galinsoga ciliata

Garlic Mustard - Alliaria officinalis

Garlic Mustard, close up of flowers - Alliaria officinalis

Geranium, Wild (AKA: Spotted Cranesbill) - Geranium maculatum

Ginseng - Panax quinquefolius

Goldenrod, Sweet - Solidago odora

Goldenrod, Sweet (close up of flowers)  - Solidago odora

Grape, Wild - Vitis spp.

Ground Ivy (AKA: Gill-over-the-ground) - Glechoma hederacea

Hawkweed, Common - Hieracium vulgatum

Hawkweed, Common - Hieracium vulgatum

Hawkweed, Field (AKA: King Devil) - Hieracium pratense

Hawkweed, Field (AKA: King Devil) showing hairy leaves & stems - Hieracium pratense

Hellebore, False (AKA: White), root very poisonous  - Veratrum viride

Hellebore, False (AKA: White), close up of flower  - Veratrum viride

Hepatica, Round-lobed (AKA: Liverleaf) - Hepatica americana

Hepatica, Round-lobed (AKA: Liverleaf) close up of flowers - Hepatica americana

Herb Robert - Geranium robertianum

Horseweed - Erigeron canadensis

Horseweed (closer view of flower) - Erigeron canadensis

Indian Cucumber Root - Medeola virginiana

Indian Pipe (AKA: Corpse Plant) - Monotropa uniflora

Jack-in-the-pulpit (AKA: Indian Turnip) - Arisaema atrorubens

Jack-in-the-pulpit (AKA: Indian Turnip) scarlet berries - Arisaema atrorubens

Jerusalem Artichoke - Helianthus tuberosus

Jerusalem Artichoke (tubers) - Helianthus tuberosus

Jewelweed, Pale (AKA: Pale Touch-me-not) - Impatiens pallida

Jewelweed, Pale (AKA: Pale Touch-me-not) close up side view - Impatiens pallida

Jewelweed, Spotted (AKA: Spotted Touch-me-not) - Impatiens capensis

Jewelweed, Spotted (AKA: Spotted Touch-me-not) - Impatiens capensis

Joe-Pye Weed, Eastern - Eupatorium dubium

Joe-Pye Weed, Eastern (close up of flower) - Eupatorium dubium

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