24" Tuff Camp Saw Sheath - Waxed Canvas

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24"Tuff Camp Saw Sheath - Waxed Canvas

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Our 24" Tuff Camp Saw Sheath is is an Exclusive Survival Resources product and is hand-crafted in the USA by Campcraft Outdoors in Bethlehem, Kentucky. Campcraft utilizes American made Carhartt Mills 12 oz. canvas and hand waxes every piece the old fashioned way using a wax blend that has been used by some of the greatest outdoor mills since the early 1900's. You will feel the wax on these hand-crafted products just as you would have in the days before machine processed waxed material was made.  The Sheath measures 28” long x 4-1/2” wide and will accommodate the 24" Tuff Camp Saw and the 24" Bob Destrude Quick Buck Saw. This is a great item for bushcrafters! Weighs: 4.3 oz.