72 Hr. - Bug-Out Personal Hygiene Kit

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72 Hr. Bug-Out Personal Hygiene Kit in a 4" x 5" 4 mil. zip-closure bag.

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For many emergencies, you will be able to Bug-In at your home. But if the time ever comes when you need to leave the comfort of your home and Bug-Out, you'll want your 72 Hr. - Bug-Out Bag ready to go! Although there are many different types of items you need in that bag that can support you for at least 72 hrs. One thing that is often forgotten is a Personal Hygiene Kit. It is important to have those items that will help you take care of your personal hygiene for 72 hrs. So Survival Resources has developed a self-contained Personal Hygiene Kit that can be placed in a Bug-Out bag and ready when you need it. It is contained in a small 4" x 5" 4 mil. zip-closure bag and will fit in any size bag or pack you choose. It contains 1. Comb, 1. Bar Soap, 1. Tooth Brush, 2. Toothpaste, 2. 18" Dental Floss, 1. Conditioning Shampoo. 5. Cotton Swabs, 2. Antibacterial Hand Wipes, and 1. 12" x 12" Lightload Towel.

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