Baldric Rig Adapter For Knife Sheaths

I always wanted to make a Baldric Rig Adapter, so in the winter, I didn't have to dig under my Filson Coat to get to my belt knife. I wanted to design something I could slip into the belt loop of any of the leather sheaths I make for my knives, and then hang it from a leather Shoulder strap.

I started with a card-stock template for design, as I wanted to use just one piece of leather. If I could make it so it folded back on itself, the end tabs would hold the brass "D" rings. I wanted brass "D" rings so the adapter for the sheaths could be carried with anything from parachute cord to a shoulder strap. I have seen some sheaths with rings on them to use for a Baldric Rig, but when I'm wearing my sheath on my belt, I don't want the "D" rings hanging around.

So The card-stock template was finally designed so it would work as I wanted, so I transferred it to leather and I was on my way.

This shows the Card-Stock Template I made to ensure everything would fold correctly.

Card-Stock Template folded back on itself and it works as designed.

Leather cut out and dyed with "D" rings.

Leather folded over and glued.

After cutting out the leather. getting it folded, the "D" rings in place, and glued, I marked and punched the holes for hand sewing. The details for this process can be seen in either the leather sheath or holster article also under our "DIY - Do It Yourself" articles section.

Grooved, punched, and ready for sewing.

After completing the hand sewing, I realized that I needed something to keep the adapter from sliding out either side of the belt loop of a sheath, so I added a snap strap to hold the rig in place. This is the Baldric Adapter rig, finished sewn, with the snap strap added to the back, and polished.

Completed Baldric Rig Adapter with snap strap added.

When I was finished it worked as I had hoped, but it didn't look good without a matching strap, so I got some bridle brass, and some leather and made a matching strap for it. Here are photos of the finished project.

The left photo shows the Baldric Rig Adapter with shoulder strap, and the right photo shows the
Baldric Rig Adapter on one of my knife sheaths.

This shows me wearing the Baldric Rig Adapter with the shoulder strap attached.

This is a close-up view of the Baldric Rig Adapter attached to the sheath and shoulder strap.

This shows me wearing the Baldric Rig Adapter with shoulder strap in the winter over a heavy Filson
Double Mackinaw Cruiser.

As you can see, the adapter comes in handy for wearing a sheathed knife over a heavy coat and can be used with any of the belt sheaths that I make for my knives.

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Copyright © 2009 by John D. McCann

Note: we now offer a Baldric Rig at Survival Resources (that is slightly different from the one shown on this page) which you can find HERE