DIY First Aid Kit Modules

I have always carried some type of a first aid in my various packs. The problem is when it comes time to change out expired items, I have to go through the various packs and kits. 

I usually carry a small kit in my day pack for hikes and such. This kit is more of a "boo-boo" kit and is for minor injuries I might expect to incur. I also need one for my Get-Home Bag which is pretty much for the same purpose.However, for my Get-Home Bag I also want a Trauma Kit, just in case. 

Being there is nothing in the Trauma Kit that is affected by freezing weather, I can leave it in my vehicle so it is always available there, and still be able to add it to a pack when necessary.

I decided to make a small kit, which I call my "Minor Medic" and then another kit for trauma. In this manner, I use use the same small kit in various packs, and can add the "Trauma Kit" when necessary. 

Keep in mind that we all have different ideas as to what one should carry in a first aid kit, and a lot has to do with experience. I have found that what I have chosen meets my personal needs. Of course, your needs and experience might dictate additions and or deletions of items. Here is a look at the results of my modules, which are not store bought, but were put together myself.   

On the left is the Trauma Kit Module and the right the Minor Medic Module.

The Minor Medic Module is small enough to fit into any of my packs. It measures 7" x 4" x approx. 2-1/4" thick. The Trauma Kit Module is only slightly larger but makes a great addition when necessary. It measures 8" x 5.5" x 1.75" thick. I had Velcro name tags made for each kit.

Let's look at the Minor Medic first. There is a mesh pocket on the front of the pouch which is great for holding stuff for minor cuts and such. These items are contained in a 4 mil zip lock bag. It contains 4 extreme length bandages (which I use the most because they don't come off when my hands are dirty or wet), 3 small bandages, 2 knuckle bandages, 6 Steri-Strips, 2 povidone iodine packets, 2 isopropyl alcohol prep pads, and 2 sting wipes.

This shows the front mesh pocket of the Minor Medic with the minor cut module. 

This shows the contents of the front pouch module.

When you open the Minor Medic pouch it has a section on the left with elastic loops to hold various items of your choice. I chose a disposable thermometer, lister bandage scissors, Uncle Bills Sliver Gripper, 4.75" EMT shears, and a small folding razor knife.

This shows the Minor medic pouch open.

This shows the items placed in the elastic loops of the left side. 

On the left side, behind the elastic loops is a full size pocket, that loads from the top. On the right side there is a pocket that loads from the left. I made a 4 mil 4" x 5" zip top bag that fits in both of these sections perfectly. 

This shows the pouch open with the two 4 mil zip top bags for each side.

I will start with the contents of the left side pocket. It contains 2 "Wet-Ones" antibacterial hand wipes, 2 Burn Jel packets, 1 CPR face shield, 1 pair of Nitrile gloves, 1 sheet of Dr. Scholl's Moleskin padding, 1 bag containing medication (4 Advil, 4 Bayer Asprin, 2 antihistamine), and 1 bag containing 2 packets of triple antibiotic ointment, 2 packets of hydrocortisone, 2 packets of Lip Balm, and 2 packets of AfterBite.   

This shows the contents of the left side pocket.

The right side pocket contains 2- 2" x 2" sterile gauze pads, 1- 3" x 4" non-adherent pad, 1- 5" x 9" combine pad, 1 gauze bandage, and 1 roll of medical adhesive tape.  

This shows the contents of the right side pocket.

That is it for the Minor Medic kit module. Now let's look at the Trauma Kit module. It is a stand alone kit, and as stated earlier it can be used in combination with the Minor Medic. 

The Trauma Kit Module.  

The Trauma Kit Module contains 1 - 5" x 9" combine pad, 1 pair of heavy duty "Defender T" Nitrile gloves, 1 Quick Clot clotting sponge, 1 CAT Tourniquet, 1 small roll of duct tape, 1 SWAT-T Stretch Wrap & Tourniquet, and 1 Israeli Bandage.

This shows the contents of the Trauma Kit module. 

Well that is it for my First Aid Kit Modules. They can be used independently of each other or can used together. Keep in mind that I have a very large First Aid Kit for the house and another in the event that we must evacuate for some reason. But these modules work for my everyday needs.

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