DIY Survival Bracelet for Suunto M9 Compass

I have always been interested in wearing one of the Suunto M9 Wrist compasses, as they are handy as a backup compass, and can be aimed through the side.

However, I always wear a watch on my left wrist and a survival bracelet on my right wrist. I really didn't want to give up either. Then looking at the wrist compass and my survival bracelet, I thought I might think outside the box, and make a survival bracelet for the M9 wrist compass. The slot on the compass is twice as wide as the small Fastex fasteners I use for survival bracelets, so I started at the center of the compass slot, went through the fastener, then back through the compass slot on the outside. I then started the macramé square knot (I mean Cobra Stitch...). This is how it came out.

A top view of the Suunto M9 Wrist Compass on it's new band.

A bottom view of the Suunto M9 Wrist Compass on it's new band.

A view from the top on wrist.

A view from the bottom on wrist.

A view sighting through the compass.

Well that's how it turned out. I now have a compass and a survival bracelet on one wrist.

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