Enjoying The Outdoors Photo Gallery

These photos have been taken over the years and are in no particular order.

Hiking with a solar panel on my pack recharging a battery power pack.

On Bachlager in the Swiss Alps with the North Face of Eiger in the background.

A quick cup of coffee with an Esbit stove while hiking along the Hudson River.

Canoeing in the Adirondacks.

Denise cooking over a Swedish Candle while we were camping.

Filtering water from a stream using a Katadyn Hiker Pro.

Cooking dinner while on a canoe trip in the Adirondaks.

Denise blowing char cloth in a tinder bundle into flame.

Denise and me hiking the Swiss Alps.

Denise getting the fire going at Little Square Pond in the Adirondacks.

Taking a break at a stream off the Lake Placid Trail.

Denise taking pictures while hiking at the Mohonk Mountain House.

Playing the Native American Flute in the Adirondacks while on a canoe trip.

Enjoying an afternoon fire while hiking the woods around Ettigen, Switzerland.

Denise enjoying an afternoon of snowshoeing.

Boiling water for that first cup of coffee while camping in the Adirondacks.

Denise just enjoying being out in the woods.

Making muffins in a reflector oven while on a canoe trip in the Adirondacks.

Contemplating nature while canoeing the Adirondacks.

Denise on point while we canoe from one lake to another down a small tributary in the Adirondacks.

Hiking White Face Mountain in the Adirondacks.

Trying out snow goggles made from birch bark.

Making Stick bread over the coals of a fire.

Shelter building in the Adirondacks using birch bark over frame, before adding leaves.

Boiling water for coffee!

Enjoying an afternoon of snowshoeing.

Hiking the Adirondacks.